See Tori Spelling Eat Two Tequila Worms in New Overserved Sneak Peek

By Alyssa Ray Apr 07, 2021 7:00 PMTags
Watch: Watch Tori Spelling Eat Not One--But Two Tequila Worms!

Challenge accepted.

In this clip from Thursday, April 8's episode of Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump, Tori Spelling is dared by Lisa Vanderpump to eat a tequila worm. While the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress is grossed out by the dare, she isn't afraid to partake in the fun.

Fellow Overserved guest Jeff Lewis inquires, "What happens to the worm once it's been ingested?"

Upon hearing Jeff's question, Tori asks for clarification on whether the tequila worm is alive or dead. Lisa assures her dinner guest, "It's dead. It's been in there like, 10 years."

After this assurance, Tori decides to go all in on the challenge. She comments, "OK, because I'm such a f--king rock star, you guys, I'm gonna take the biggest motherf--ker here."

Yet, her confidence begins to waver when she thinks she sees the tequila worm moving. "Wait, you promise me it's dead?" she remarks. "I don't want to take anyone's life."

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In order to hype up Tori, Lisa begins counting down and, at one, the mother of five bites into the tequila worm. "Oh, it burst!" Tori exclaims while throwing the rest of it into her mouth. "Tequila came out of its pores."


However, in a shocking turn of events, Tori chooses to eat another tequila worm as not to "leave one alone." When Tori pops the second one into her mouth, Lisa asks, "What's wrong with you?"

Apparently, Tori hates odd numbers. "I couldn't leave it alone," she concludes. "I have weird things about numbers."

Watch the hilarious scene for yourself in the clip above.

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