Peter Weber Responds to Kelley Flanagan's Confessions About Their Breakup

In an interview with E! News, Peter Weber addressed Kelley Flanagan's previous comments about what led to their split. He also revealed if he's reached out to her since they both moved to NYC.

By Beth Sobol, Alyssa Morin Apr 06, 2021 11:42 PMTags
Watch: Peter Weber Ends Things With Kelley Flanagan After "Stressful" Move

Peter Weber's life in New York City is off to a rosy start!

That's why former The Bachelor lead exclusively tells E! News he's more than ready to move on from his past romance with Kelley Flanagan. Back in December, the duo shocked Bachelor Nation when they announced they were breaking up after less than a year of dating.

And despite the fact they're both living in the Big Apple now, the 29-year-old star says he doesn't have any plans to reach out to the lawyer. In fact, this revelation comes just two months after fans speculated Kelley and Peter were hanging out in NYC.

"Obviously, I wish her well and everything. I just want her to be happy, more than anything, but...we're not in contact anymore," Peter tells E! News. "But definitely, I'm always rooting for her and want her to find her happiness."

Meanwhile, in March, Kelley opened up to Kaitlyn Bristowe about their relationship and what led to their split.

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"If I could put it in the best way, I think that on my end, there was just a lot of non-negotiables in the relationship," Kelley said on the Off the Vine podcast at the time. "Actions kind of speak louder than words and it takes a long time to figure that out. If there was something that I saw as disrespectful in the relationship, I would speak on it and I was pretty vocal. Communication is huge in a relationship and there were things where I would essentially be like, 'Hey, this makes me feel like s--t. This makes me feel like this way.'"

The Bachelor contestant explained that things "weren't really changing."


"We were definitely struggling and having hard times during that time and there was a lot of push back from both ends," she added. "I essentially asked him if I could have a couple of days to process it myself before we let the entire world know and I wanted to tell my family and my friends and just be able to process it within myself before I have it on blast...that necessarily wasn't granted."

In response to Kelley's interview, Peter tells E! News, "You know it was a great relationship and I'll always care so deeply for her."

"You know, the relationship ended up not working out in the long run, and that's OK," the California native continued, "and I learned so much from her and I'm so thankful that she came in my life. I truly want nothing but all the best things for her."


Kelley recently hinted that she's not entirely single and has been on a few dates with a man who isn't wrapped up in the entertainment world. A source previously told E! News, "She turned down Bachelor in Paradise because she is dating someone."

As for Peter? He's struck up a new partnership...with TaskRabbit. The reality TV personality says his collaboration with the brand happened organically.

"I just actually put up bookshelves in my room. Kind of as a joke I was like, 'OK guys, check me out on TaskRabbit' as a joke, then TaskRabbit reached out to me," Peter shares. "It was pretty organic. It's kind of funny like that, they reached out and told me what they were thinking with the concepts, and I was like, 'Hey why not?' And it is a cool little thing to do to be interactive with the fans as well and put my skills to the test."

He's actually already helped out an NYC resident, who needed an extra hand with putting up bookshelves and curtains.

"I was able to surprise her as well though with a nice big IKEA blue bag that IKEA got her a bunch of household items," Peter raved, adding, "and got to surprise her with that, got to surprise her with a nice little rose."

It looks like Peter has gone from The Bachelor to the builder!

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