See Detective Hailey Upton Tackle a Suspect in Action-Packed Chicago P.D. Sneak Peek

In this exclusive clip from tonight's all-new Chicago P.D., Detective Hailey Upton chases down a potential perp. But did she make a misstep?

By Alyssa Ray Apr 07, 2021 4:30 PMTags

Rushing to action.

In this exclusive clip from tonight, April 7's episode of Chicago P.D., Detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) and Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) track down a suspect who may be responsible for the disappearance of a family. Confidant they've tracked down their culprit, and potentially found their victims, Upton makes an unauthorized move that may be unwise. (More on that later on…)

Upon arriving at a suspicious shed, Upton says to her partner, "They're in there."

Following protocol, Halstead calls in the padlocked shed to their sergeant, Hank Voight (Jason Beghe). As they're ordered to hold eyes on the property, the detective partners spot their suspect with a gun.

Halstead radios in, "He's got a gun on him."

Upton adds, "We have every reason to believe she's in there right now."

Despite the pair's finding, Sergeant Voight orders the two to "wait for back up." Yet, as Upton spots the suspect walking towards the shed, she decides to chase him down.

"He's walking towards the shed," she comments. "We need to move."

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Before Halstead can reason with Upton, she takes off and tackles the suspect. "Hands behind your back," Upton informs the possible perp. "Chicago P.D., do not fight me."

As Upton cuffs the suspect, Halstead asks, "Hailey, you good?"

Upon confirmation that his partner's OK, Halstead examines the shed, finding no evidence of the missing victims. The suspect demands, "What the hell is going on?"


Handing over the suspect to her partner, Upton once more takes off, heading towards the perp's home. Will she find what she's looking for? Tune in tonight to find out!

We have a feeling the new episode will be an emotional one for Upton fans. The episode, titled "Signs of Violence," teases the following synopsis: "A wellness check on a family reveals signs of foul play and Detective Hailey Upton is determined to find the parents and young daughter. As Upton delves further into the troubled family dynamics, she finds herself reflecting on her own childhood trauma."

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