The Wedding Coach's Jamie Lee Answers an E! News Bride-to-Be's Burning Questions

During an exclusive chat, Jamie Lee, host of Netflix's The Wedding Coach, gave an engaged E! News writer some seriously helpful wedding advice.

By Alyssa Ray Apr 02, 2021 4:00 PMTags
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Getting engaged was easily the best day of my life.

Last December, my now fiancé Jeremy commemorated our two-year anniversary by getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. Without sharing too many details, the proposal was sweet, romantic and perfectly personal.

While our engagement was certainly a heartwarming moment, wedding planning has been less than ideal. To paint a picture, Jeremy and I are working with a tight budget, unconventional family dynamics and so much more. We're only a couple months into the planning process and it's safe to say I've already cried at least five times.

Thus, when I had the chance to exclusively speak with Jamie Lee, comedian and host of Netflix's The Wedding Coach, I decided to ask the former bride all my burning questions. Jamie's mission in both The Wedding Coach and her book, Weddiculous, is to prove that wedding perfection isn't an attainable goal.

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Per Netflix, "With a different comedian 'plus one' by her side each episode, Jamie intervenes before and on the wedding day, serving up her refreshing, real-talk perspective on the Bridal Industry, squashing the couple's drama to help them focus on the big picture."

So, you can understand why I jumped at the chance to chat with the Girl Code star. If you too are seeking advice from a former bride, who is now hosting her own wedding show, scroll through the Q&A below.

Netflix/The Wedding Coach

E! News: How do I get my fiancé to not take it personally that I don't want a huge wedding?

Jamie Lee: If he's taking it personally, I think that maybe there's another conversation to be had. Because, selfishly, I just want him to listen to you. And then, maybe, you can throw him a bone later and have some kind of, like, party if he feels there are people he doesn't get to invite. You can also just tell him that Jamie Lee said, "Smaller is better. Even if you think it's not, it is."

E! News: Real talk, will I regret not making my sister a bridesmaid?

Jamie Lee: You don't have to do anything. But I think that if you guys are close, I don't think it will harm the wedding party. But, if she's particularly difficult, I think there's a conversation again to be had.

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E! News: Thoughts on digital invitations? Tacky or environmentally friendly?

Jamie Lee: I love a digital invite. I didn't do them, but I think they're great. You don't have to do a whole thing with gold leaves falling out of the envelope or whatever. Like, just get the information out there. Honestly, at this point, I would accept a text message invite.

E! News: At what stage is it too late to say we're eloping in Las Vegas?

Jamie Lee: Never. I mean, technically on paper, if people are buying their flights, it's annoying to have to cancel a flight, I guess. But luckily/unluckily, during the pandemic, you can cancel a flight pretty easily. So, yeah, if you're having doubts…follow your gut. 'Cause, I think eloping is a really great thing.


E! News: Ok, major question here. Chocolate or vanilla cake?

Jamie Lee: Vanilla. Chocolate cake does like a crumb thing in your teeth. It's almost like a poppy seed bagel, there's always like flecks of it everywhere after you eat it. It is a bit messy. And also, hot take, I don't think chocolate cake, like the actual cake part, tastes like chocolate. It's definitely delicious but, vanilla cake tastes like vanilla.

E! News: Final question, is it weird that I have cried a handful of times trying to plan this wedding?

Jamie Lee: Nope, honestly that's on the low end of crying times. For me, it was like daily…I would love wedding culture to adjust so that we don't feel this immense pressure to do things a certain way. And I think, as women, we already put a lot of pressure on ourselves just to look great and present put together for everyone, and I think weddings really compound that for us.

For how Jamie helps brides and grooms fight these expectations, catch The Wedding Coach when it premieres Wednesday, April 7 on Netflix.

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