When Are Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Getting Married? He Says...

Blake Shelton teased that he and his fiancée Gwen Stefani are planning a summer wedding, COVID-19 permitting. Scroll to read what he said about the big day, and who may perform.

By Kaitlin Reilly Mar 31, 2021 4:59 PMTags
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Blake Shelton finally popped the question to his longtime love Gwen Stefani last October, but when are they walking down the aisle? According to the "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" singer, it could be sooner than you might think. 

"Hopefully this summer," Blake told Hoda Kotb on the March 31 episode of TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, where he spoke virtually about his romance with the "Hollaback Girl" icon. "With COVID, it looks like it may be OK, but I don't know."

While the exact date of their wedding is still up in the air, Blake did tease that he would love to have stars like Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine perform on the big day. 

"I'd love to be able to take everybody up on their offer and have this amazing concert wedding," he shared. "We're just waiting every day like everybody else to see what our summer is going to look like and go from there."

It was just earlier this year that Miley gushed about how she would love to perform at the couple's future nuptials after Gwen complimented her voice on Instagram. As for Adam, it was Blake who insisted that Maroon 5 play at his wedding. Adam, however, had some reservations. 

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"They can't afford me," he joked on SiriusXM's The Morning Mash Up earlier this month. "They haven't asked me yet. I would love—first of all, I was just texting, literally, with them. I love them so much. Just so funny you mentioned them 'cause I just texted them 10 minutes ago, just like, 'I miss you guys. I love you guys.'"

Alas, it's not a done deal yet. When asked on Good Morning America on March 31 about whether Adam would hit the stage at her wedding, Gwen joked, "Uh, no...I think maybe Adam Sandler!"

Of course, perhaps the most obvious pair to perform? Gwen and Blake themselves. Let's hope their wedding brings fans at least one new duet.