Josh Gad Makes Heartwarming Offer After American Idol Contestant's Shocking Elimination

After singer-songwriter Murphy was cut from American Idol, Josh Gad took to Twitter to make him an offer. Scroll on for the sweet exchange.

By Jess Cohen Mar 30, 2021 11:54 AMTags
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American Idol fans were left heartbroken after singer-songwriter Murphy was eliminated from the competition.

The talented artist was sent home—on his birthday—just shy of making it to the top 24 contestants on season 19 of the series. Katy Perry delivered the news to Murphy, who performed an original song titled "Am I Still Mine" prior to his elimination. 

"I think you have something really special," Katy said, "and you should really believe in that."

After Murphy's elimination, fans took to social media to react. "American Idol Please bring Murphy back as a Wild Card!" one viewer tweeted. "He was my favorite! & deserves another chance! Class act!" While another Twitter user wrote, "Shocked that you didn't put Murphy through. Epic Fail American Idol."

Even Josh Gad took to Twitter to speak out about Murphy's shocking cut—and to make him a heartwarming offer, writing, "Hey @Blindboy_music you were robbed on @AmericanIdol and I would love for you to honor us by writing a song for us on #CentralParkTV - DM me."

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In response, Murphy wrote to the Frozen star, "I'd be honored. :) Dming you now."

So, it seems as though we'll be hearing more from Murphy in the near future!

As AI viewers may recall, prior to his elimination, Murphy opened up about his struggle with his vision. "My vision is substantially worse than the average person," he shared. "My right eye is gone and my left eye is going, due to a form of degeneration. I'm expected to lose sight at maybe mid-thirties."

And yet, he still powered through every performance.

On March 28, Murphy took to social media to share a message with fans being cut from the competition. "Thank you for everyone that showed faith in me," he wrote. "Though my journey is over on #AmericanIdol, I'll still be singing. Tomorrow is a new day and the horizon looks very inviting. #Murphyonidol See you soon."