Miranda Lambert Reflects on Sharing This "Special Moment" With Ex Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert described one of the "special moments" she and ex Blake Shelton shared during their marriage, which ended in divorce in 2015.

By Cydney Contreras Mar 29, 2021 8:50 PMTags
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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's marriage may have been plagued by rumors of infidelity, but the truth is these exes still share fond memories of their time together.

Miranda recalled one of those "special moments" in an interview with Kelleigh Bannen of Essentials Radio on Apple Music, sharing how she and her ex-husband wrote the heartbreaking ballad "Over You," which was inspired by the death of Blake's older brother, Richie, in 1990.

"My ex-husband, Blake, had lost a brother and it's one of those moments where even if you're married to someone, sometimes you find something new about them," Miranda remembered. "Dudes don't open up about things but he started telling me about the experience of it all."

According to Miranda, Blake was 14 when Richie died in a car crash but never wrote a song about it, because, as his father put it, "You don't get over it. You just get used to it."

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"I was like, 'Well, could we write it? Do you want to try or is that invasive?'" she continued. "I would never try to write your story because I didn't live it, but maybe I could help because I'm an outside perspective but I feel your pain talking to me right now."


The couple went on to write the emotional song, including lyrics like, "Cause you went away / How dare you? / I'll miss you / They say I'll be okay / But I'm not going to ever get over you."

Blake and Miranda were awarded Song of the Year at both the ACM and CMA Awards, but for Miranda, the best reward was how it brought her ex and his family together. "It was really a special moment and I'm so glad we shared that song and that it helped his family heal," she reflected.

For his part, Blake rarely performs the song, but he's spoken about what it means to him. In a 2018 interview with Cowboys & IndiansThe Voice coach said, "For me, my brother was my big brother. I mean, I wanted to be him. I wanted to look like him, dress like him, listen to what he listened to, and be into the things he was into. So when he was killed in a car accident, it was literally like the world went silent."

He continued, "There was a void in my world all of a sudden, and I'm still not over it. I'm just used to it."

Blake and Miranda split in 2015, and though there was some tension between the exes for many years, Blake still credits Miranda with helping him honor Richie.