Frankie Muniz Introduces His Baby Boy and Reveals What He's Given Up for His Little One

Malcolm in the Middle alum Frankie Muniz revealed his newborn's name and he and his wife shared pics of the child, while the actor also revealed the sacrifices he is now making as a new dad.

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Frankie Muniz's baby boy has changed his life in more ways than one.

The 35-year-old former teen star, who rose to fame playing the lead character on the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, and his wife Paige Muniz announced last week that they have welcomed their first child, a boy.

On Saturday, March 27, they shared the first photos of their newborn son and revealed his name, while Frankie opened up about the sacrifices he is now making in his life as a dad. 

"World, meet my son Mauz Mosley Muniz," Frankie wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of the infant sleeping on a DockATot baby lounger. "He was born on March 22nd at 11:15 AM. That was the moment that my life changed forever. I had heard that it would, but I never would have expected the impact seeing my son would have on me. Honestly, I didn't know it was possible to love anything as much as I love him. It took me a long time to post because I've been 1000% obsessed with him, already striving to make every moment he lives on earth the best it can possibly be."

He continued, "I found myself very emotional the other day as I pondered how lucky I was to have the most incredible wife and now the most amazing child and thought how all I want from now on is to make the world a better place, for them. I've even chosen to give up my motorcycles and stick with listening to K-LOVE on the radio while driving the speed limit. I love you Mauz. I love you @pogmuniz."

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After Malcolm in the Middle ended its seven-season run in 2006, Frankie worked as a professional race car driver while continuing to act. In 2009, during a race, he crashed into a wall, breaking his back and suffering other injuries.

More health woes followed in later years. In 2012, Frankie suffered a mini-stroke. Almost a year later, he experienced a second one. In 2017, while competing on Dancing With the Stars, Frankie revealed that he suffered from memory loss and doesn't even remember filming Malcolm in the Middle.

Paige shared on her own Instagram several more family photos of baby Mauz. She also revealed her fears about becoming a mother.

"No words can express what it feels like to be a new mom," she wrote. "My entire life, I was terrified of children and having that responsibility to raise them into good human beings."

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"Today, I am so proud of the fact that I have an ultra strong boobie hungry little monster that I get to call my own!" she continued. "Mauz Mosley Muniz was born on March 22, and weighed in at exactly 7lbs. He's literally my dream boat. Now, to get a handle on this whole breastfeeding thing... yiiiiikes. (p.s. Mauz rhymes with pause, in case you were wondering how to pronounce it).

See what the cast of Malcolm in the Middle has been up to in recent years:

Frankie Muniz

After rocketing to mega-fame as kid genius Malcolm, Muniz was one of young Hollywood's most sought-after (and highest-paid) teen actors, starring in hit films like Big Fat Liar and Agent Cody Banks

But shortly after Malcolm's long run ending in 2006, Muniz, now 34, revealed, "Growing up has never scared me until last year. I started thinking about getting older, being an adult, and it scared me. Hopefully things will work out in my career. If they don't, then it was never meant to be."

He would ultimately end up leaving acting to pursue a career as a professional race car driver, and in 2017, he came in third on Dancing With the Stars, later going on to serve as the host of the ABC hit's spinoff, Dancing With the Stars: Juniors. During his run on DWTS, Muniz revealed his struggles with memory loss, admitting he can't remember his time on the long-running sitcom. 

In 2018, Muniz got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Paige Price. The two started their own olive oil company. They wed in February 2021 and welcomed their first child, son Mauz Mosley Muniz the following month.

Bryan Cranston

Before he was the one who knocks on Breaking Bad, Cranston's breakout performance was as Hal Wilkerson, the patriarch of the family, earning three Emmy nominations during the show's six-year run. 

Of course, Cranston went on to deliver one of TV's most iconic performances, playing science teacher-turned-drug lord Walter White, on one of TV's most iconic series, Breaking Bad, for five years. He won four Emmys during his run as TV's ultimate anti-hero, forging a close bond with his co-star Aaron Paul. In 2019, the friends teamed up to release their own artesanal mezcal, disappointing fans hoping for a Breaking Bad revival. (Hey, at least he made a cameo in El Camino, Netflix's Breaking Bad sequel film?)

Following those impressive runs, Cranston continued to earn critical acclaim for his work in films such as Trumbo (which earned him his first Oscar nom) and Isle of Dogs, as well as the HBO TV movie All the Way, with his portrayal of president Lyndon B. Johnson earning him a SAG Award. Before it hit the small screen, All the Way had a beloved run on Broadway, with Cranston winning a Tony for his work on the stage. He won a Tony again 2019 for his return to the stage in Network

But in 2016, Cranston told E! News he was hoping a Malcolm in the Middle revival would eventually happen, saying, "I sure hope so...I really do, for no other reason than that I miss those people like crazy and I stay in touch with them. The boys are doing great and Jane is doing wonderfully and I'd love to."

Jane Kaczmarek

During her celebrated run as Lois, the sole female in the Wilkerson, Kaczmarek earned seven Emmy nominations, setting a record for the most nominations in the same category without ever winning.

After Malcolm ended its run in 2006, she starred in several short-lived series, including Help Me Help You, Whitney and Raising the Bar. She also made guest appearances on hit shows like Law & Order: SVU, The Comeback, The Big Bang Theory and The Middle. Most recently, she guested on This Is Us.

And Malcolm fans received an unexpected surprise via the Breaking Bad DVD set, which included an alternate ending that revealed that the AMC hit drama's run was really Hal (Cranston) having a nightmare, waking up in bed next to Lois. 

Christopher Masterson

While he played the oldest brother/delinquent Francis on Malcolm, Masterson is the younger brother of That '70s Show star Danny Masterson and he dated his brother's co-star Laura Prepon for seven years, ultimately splitting in 2007. 

During his run on the show, Masterson starred in films such as Scary Movie 2 and Wuthering Heights, and he was reportedly considered for the role of Will Turner in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, with Orlando Bloom going on to land the major part. He last appeared in two episodes of the SyFy series Haven in 2014 before making his DJ career his full-time hustle, performing as DJ Chris Kennedy.

He married actress Yolanda Pecoraro in 2019. On April 3, 2021, the two welcomed their first child, Chiara Darby Masterson.

Justin Berfield

Oh, Reese. After playing the impulsive second brother for over 150 episodes, Berfield, now 34, shifted his attention toward producing, going on to co-found Virgin Produced, Virgin's entertainment production company. Per Instagram, he's an avid fisher. 

And how's this for a humble brag? He recently tweeted, "Beyoncé once told me I had beautiful eyes. True story." Another fun fact: He briefly owned the home that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson lived in on Newylweds after their split. 

Erik Per Sullivan

The youngest of the brothers before baby Jamie came along, Sullivan played Dewey for all 151 episodes. 

Now 29, Sullivan retired from acting in 2010, last appearing in Twelve opposite 50 Cent, Chace Crawford and Emma Roberts. 

Catherine Lloyd Burns

After playing Malcolm's adoring teacher Caroline Miller in the first two seasons as a main cast member, Burns released her first book, It Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks, in 2007, and went on to appear in several episodes of TBS' Search Party.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker