Chet Hanks Predicts a "White Boy Summer" Is Coming, Gets Hilariously Dragged By the Internet

Chet Hanks once again has people buzzing online after posting about a "white boy summer." In his words, "Let me know if you guys can vibe with that and get ready, 'cause I am."

By Alyssa Morin Mar 27, 2021 6:33 PMTags
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Another day, another viral moment on the internet.

This time, however, Chet Hanks is the center of attention after posting an Instagram video, in which he proclaimed a "white boy summer" is on the horizon.

"I just got this feeling man...that this summer is, it's about to be a white boy summer," the 30-year-old star shared on Friday, March 26, while recording himself inside a car. "Take it how you want. I'm not talking about Trump, NASCAR type white. I'm talking about, you know, me, [R&B singer] Jon B, [rapper and singer] Jack Harlow type white boy summer."

He concluded, "Let me know if you guys can vibe with that and get ready, 'cause I am."

Naturally, the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's short clip was all anyone could talk about online. 

NCIS star Jonathan Mangum joked on Twitter, "I think what Chet Hanks said was, it's gonna be a 'white board' summer. Now who wants to brainstorm some value added logistical vendor synergy."

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"Sitting here imagining how many times Tom Hanks has had to say to Chet, 'I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed,'" writer Carol Ray Hartsell shared.

Another writer, Zack Harper, weighed in, "No matter how many times I try. No matter how many times someone sits me down and explains it to me. No matter how many times I truly try to understand what this is. I still cannot figure out this Chet Hanks thing."

"Even the best comedian in the world could never come up with a joke as funny as just a normal thought Chet Hanks has," DJ Horse Jeans quipped on Twitter. "His brain belongs on a museum."

Other users commented on Chet's family tree, with one person noting, "Chet Hanks is proof that you can do everything right in the world and kids will still embarrass tf outta you."

"Are we sure that Chet Hanks is Tom and Rita's biological offspring?" another asked. "Something's just not adding up."

Someone else quipped, "chet hanks is the price tom hanks paid to become tom hanks."


Around this time last year, Chet took to Instagram to shut down Illuminati conspiracy theories that suggested his loved ones were part of the secret society.

"You motherf--kers are going to believe what you want 'cause you're already so f--king committed to your weird Internet conspiracies," he said back in March 2020, "but I'm not actually in the f--king Illuminati, dude."

"I got this f--king tattoo because I'm extremely spiritual," he continued, referencing a tattoo on his chest, a drawing of the Eye of Providence, often used in reference to the Illuminati. "I believe in God. I believe that God oversees everything, has a plan for everything."

The Your Honor actor then discussed a video he previously posted that showed him jokingly sharing he was a member of the mysterious group.

"I was trolling in that last video obviously because I'm pissed off at what you motherf--kers are f--king saying about my family," he added, "the ridiculous, sick f--king s--t that you guys like to sit around and f--king think about is f--king disgusting."

While Chet has commented on his videos and past controversies, such as being accused of cultural appropriation, he has yet to address the reactions to his "white boy summer" clip.