Fredrik Eklund Opens Up About the "Pressure" of Addiction While Celebrating 160 Days Sober

While celebrating 160 days of sobriety, TV real estate star Fredrik Eklund revealed that the most "surprising" part of his life without alcohol is that he's actually "more fun" now. Here's why.

By Lindsay Weinberg Mar 26, 2021 7:27 PMTags
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Fredrik Eklund has hit a huge milestone on his sobriety journey. 

The Million Dollar Listing star is celebrating 160 days sober by sharing more about his experience as a "high-functional addict." 

He wrote a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday, March 25, saying that "it feels amazing. The basic stuff is that I have more energy and clarity, look and feel younger, sleep better with less stress and no anxiety. My body is singing, not aching." 

Fredrik, 43, explained that it took him "a while" to "realize and admit" that he suffered from addiction. 

"I'm a work in progress, still," he wrote. "The decision to stop wasn't easy. But once I really decided, it was actually freeing. The pressure was off in a way. The pressure of not being honest. The pressure of often putting up a facade. The pressure and pain of not trusting myself towards the end." 

After 160 days, Frederik doesn't feel alone and is optimistic about the future.

"The world is huge and full of possibilities. I don't worry about the future like I used to. I don't question my ability as a father the way I used to. Meanwhile business is growing rapidly even in these weird and scary times," noted the dad of 3-year-old twins Milla and Frederik Jr.

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The real estate mogul even said one of his biggest fears about the process proved not to be true. Fredrik explained, "This of course is the scariest thing for people like myself that used to drink socially: how to entertain at dinners and be outgoing at parties?"

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Yet, "the surprising thing" about being sober is that he's "actually more fun" now.

Why does he feel that way? He had a revelation last week while dining at French Laundry in Napa, Calif. He told the waiter he was celebrating his sobriety and wanted to stay "fresh" for horseback riding in the morning. 

So, the mixologist created a non-alcoholic pairing, making 14 mocktails for 14 courses. As Fredrik said, "This was a first for the restaurant and I told them I think this is the future for the industry."


He continued, "We laughed hysterically at dinner. We went deeper into the conversations. And when I kissed the horse in the sunrise, I remembered every detail of the night. Also, I felt something entirely new: being Proud of myself!"

The Bethenny & Fredrik alum said he's now trying to share his reality and is "hoping to inspire those who need it," adding, "So here we are. I guess a new chapter is starting for me now. Life 2.0 – a life that's bigger than alcohol. I'm excited to see where it brings me. Thank u all for supporting me." 

He has been keeping fans in the loop about his progress—on Jan. 1, he gave an update that he had given up alcohol and found that life was more "rewarding without it."