Allow Seeking Sister Wife To Help Explain Polygamy To Your Mom

Seeking Sister Wife's Tosha hasn't talked to her mom in a while, but in this exclusive clip, she's got some explaining to do about her husband's hunt for a second wife.

By Lauren Piester Mar 26, 2021 7:00 PMTags

There comes a time in many a young polygamist's life when they have to explain their lifestyle to their mom. 

At least that's what Tosha is dealing with in the next episode of Seeking Sister Wife as she sits down with her mother Teresa. In the exclusive clip above, Tosha tries to break the ice with some pictures from her childhood, but mom already knows what's up and gets right into it with her own ice breaker. 

"Who would have thought, this little, that you were gonna look for a nice second wife?" she asks. 

Apparently Teresa has known about Tosha's "plural lifestyle" for two years and is just now bringing it up, though she's trying to stay casual about it. 

"So, the wives," she says. "How many do you want? Just another one? Two?" 

Tosha then gets to explain to her mom how one goes about finding a sister wife. They never use the internet, she says, but her husband Sidian just talks to people that he knows. 

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"It's hard to find someone open to it that's not religious about it," Tosha explains of their troubles with finding a second wife. Or, as Teresa suggests, maybe it's the opposite. 

"Well, maybe because they don't want to join a cult," she says. "Are you a member of a cult?" 


At this, Tosha giggles. Of course she's not in a cult! She's a modern polygamist, and there is no religion involved, but she and Sidian have their own definition of how this all works. For example, any new additions to the couple would only be dating Sidian and not Tosha herself, which really throws Teresa off. 

Will this chat help Tosha and Teresa's somewhat strained relationship or will it just make things worse? That remains to be seen. 

Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on TLC and discovery+.