Bryce Hall Addresses Those Josie Canseco Rumors After Addison Rae Split

After dodging several questions, Bryce Hall spoke about how he's "vibing" with his "homie" Josie Canseco, after his breakup from Addison Rae. But what's really going on? Here's what the TikToker said.

By Lindsay Weinberg Mar 26, 2021 1:59 AMTags
Watch: Addison Rae & Bryce Hall Officially Breakup Amid Cheating Rumors

According to Bryce Hall, he has, in fact, hooked up with someone since he and Addison Rae officially broke up one month ago. The question is: Who?

Two days after Addison let slip that she and Bryce are over, he addressed their split and a potential new woman in his life during a live chat on BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards on Thursday, March 25.

The TikTok star, 21, was very secretive when discussing recent rumors that he's been hooking up with his "homie," Josie Canseco, who recently dated Logan Paul but was seen cuddling with G-Eazy at a party on Feb. 27.

"People didn't know that we were broken up, and now are saying that I cheated on Addison with Josie," Bryce explained. 

Josh Richards then tried to clarify, "But you and Addison have been broken up?" Bryce confirmed that was true, which made it seem that he did get with Josie, but it was after the breakup. But then he clarified, "No, me and Josie are just friends."

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Dave Portnoy directly asked, "Did you hook up with Josie Canseco?" Bryce said, "No," and after a pause, he laughed: "I didn't. I didn't."

However, he mentioned seeing pictures of Logan and Addison hanging out together and playing volleyball, saying he doesn't know if they're together or not. "I don't know what that was. She didn't even tell me that. I found out online," he said.

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Dave tried one more time to get Bryce to confess that something more is going on with him and Josie, asking him to put his hand to god and promise. Bryce laughed and said, "What are you trying to do here?" He continued, "Me and Josie are, like, good friends. We're hanging out. We're just vibing. We've been to a couple get-togethers." 

The persistent BFFs host asked if would answer the question if he was on a lie detector with his parents' lives on the line.

Bryce seemed to dodge the sneaky question, saying, "I would answer the question, but considering there's no lie detector or my parents' lives [on the line], I'm standing by the answer." He joked, "F—k you guys."

Determined to get to the bottom of it, Josh then asked, "Have you or have you not gotten with anybody since you and Addison have been broken up?"

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Bryce admitted, "So, so, yes but the answer is yes for both," seemingly referring to Addison as well. 

Though Bryce was discreet, Dave said they now know the answer and thought the truth was crystal clear. Yet, he later asked Bryce if he and Addison have hooked up in the past month, and Bryce just smiled and said they were trying to "set me up."

So, what went down between him and Addison that led to the end? Bryce shared his side of things earlier on in the chat.

He claimed that he was the one to call it off with Addison, 20, following rumors that he cheated on her during a trip to Las Vegas at the end of February. He's denied the allegations.

"I'll be honest. I ended it," Bryce said. "I was completely stressed out with, like, dude, I paid so much money in lawyer fees to get all this f—king bulls—t off of my plate." He explained he got his attorneys involved to try to shut down the cheating claims. 

"I didn't want, like, any of that to be blown up to that proportion... On top of that, relationship issues involving that," he continued. 

Bryce claimed Addison believed him that he didn't have an affair, "but at the same time, the trust wasn't fully there."

He said, "I was just not in the mindset for a relationship... We were going to deal with everything privately and then it became public." The influencer said they waited a month to announce their breakup, "because we didn't know if we were going to work things out or not."

According to Bryce, "We were actually just not even going to mention it at all, but then she kind of slipped up in an interview," referring to her March 23 chat with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, during which she talked about an "ex-boyfriend" having inspired her new song "Obsessed."

Bryce went on to say that he gave Addison "all her music ideas," boasting, "I actually was her inspiration for all her songs that are unreleased right now."

Despite the drama, he believes there are no hard feelings between the exes. "No, no, we're good," he said on BFFs. "I have no s--t to talk about Addison."

He said they still talk "occasionally, like every day," but nothing lovey-dovey. As for whether they'd ever get back together, he "can't say that right now."

Listen to the full convo above.