Porsha Williams Confronts Marlo Hampton Over Kenya Moore Friendship in Tense RHOA Preview

See Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton try to work out their issues in this dramatic Real Housewives of Atlanta sneak peek.

By Brett Malec Mar 26, 2021 2:00 PMTags
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Can Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton repair their friendship?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars try to talk through their issues in this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's brand new episode. Porsha still isn't over Marlo's newfound friendship with Kenya Moore and decides to confront her one on one.

"Well, since this seems like a nice, healing space, I feel like we should talk," Porsha says. "I feel like your movement has changed being a friend to me."

"It's been like an elephant in the room and I feel it's different because of Kenya," Marlo shares.

Porsha replies, "This whole thing with Kenya if you want to bring it up. You had your showroom, I didn't know when the showroom was opening. I knew that you were having it because you had told me about it."

"I didn't invite anyone to it," Marlo claims. "She called and asked could she come."

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"I would love to support my friends but that opportunity wasn't there," Porsha states. "And then now you've been here this whole weekend, you have not called my phone, nothing."

Marlo replies, "I am a friend to you and I feel like you don't trust me being friends with someone who you do not f--k with. Let's keep it one hundred. I wasn't here for Kenya at all when y'all was doing playdates."

Cut to last year when Porsha ad Kenya were on good terms before their falling out this season.

"Wasn't I hating on her?" Marlo asks. "You was, 'No, she's so sweet.'"

After Marlo tries to explain why she chose to make up with Kenya earlier this season, Porsha claims, "And as soon as ya'll met up, that's when your energy changed."

"I feel like that's when you changed," Marlo claps back.

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See their heated exchange above.

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