Chrissy Teigen Sets the Record Straight on Why She Really Quit Twitter

One day after leaving Twitter, Chrissy Teigen detailed why she left the social media platform in an Instagram post. Scroll to read her message.

By Kaitlin Reilly Mar 25, 2021 8:41 PMTags

Chrissy Teigen has left the building—the building being Twitter, that is. 

The Cravings author announced on March 24 that she would no longer use the social media platform, stating in one final thread on Twitter that the "fear of pissing people off" has transformed her into "a different human than I started out here as."

The 35 year old has been a routine target of trolls for years—some of whom have spread conspiracy theories about her and her family—but despite her irreverent, funny tweets that may have suggested otherwise, she wrote she is "sensitive" and has not yet learned "how to block out the negativity."

In a March 25 Instagram post, she further detailed the choice she made to support her mental health, emphasizing that while the "bullying" she's received on the platform hurts, it's not the reason she's no longer participating in the Twittersphere. She wrote, "The platform no longer serves me as positively as it does negatively, so with that I bid you adieu. But I want to say that this is absolutely NOT twitter's fault - I believe they do all they can to combat relentless bullying, any honestly, it's not the bullying!! You guys have no idea how much they've reached out and worked with my team and me personally. It's not the platform. It's not the 'bullying.'" 

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Chrissy also confirmed that it's not the "trolls" that pushed her to leave, though she did say it "weighs on you." 


She continued, "It's just me. I have to come to terms with the fact some people aren't gonna like me. I hate letting people down or upsetting people and I feel like I just did it over and over and over. Someone can't read that they disappointed you in some way every single day, all day without physically absorbing that energy. I can feel it in my bones."

Chrissy's comment section was filled with support. Journalist Ronan Farrow wrote, "It's a psychologically damaging place and I'm glad you're talking about it." 

Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause added, "You will be missed." 

Bobby Berk of Queer Eye shared, "I don't blame you love." 

The model has taken time off social media before. Last year, after Chrissy spoke out about cook and former New York Times contributor Allison Roman's for criticizing her in an interview, she stepped back from Twitter, writing at the time, "This is what always happens. The first day, a ton of support, then the next, 1 million reasons as to why you deserved this. It never fails."

Unfortunately for fans of Chrissy's tweets, it sounds like this time is a bit more permanent.