Watch Christy Carlson Romano's Disney Star Lesson Go Hilariously Wrong

Even Stevens' star Christy Carlson Romano took to TikTok to show a couple of Disney Channel fans how to draw the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. Watch the 101 lesson go haywire here.

By Mona Thomas Mar 25, 2021 6:37 PMTags
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Ever wanted to be a Disney star? Well, Christy Carlson Romano is giving lessons.

On Wednesday, March 24, the Even Stevens actress teamed up with TikTok comedians Syd and Olivia in an attempt to recreate the iconic Disney Channel Mickey Mouse ears promo commercial from her days on the network.

Unfortunately, the comedy writers weren't exactly the best students.

"Okay, guys. You paid for a 101 lesson. Let's get into it," Christy, who voiced Kim Possible, began. With bulging eyes, Syd asked, "Can you show us first?"

Reluctantly, the star said, "Okay but this is the last time," before adding in her classic excited voice, "Hi! I'm Christy Carlson Romano from Even Stevens and Kim Possible and you're watching Disney Channel!"

Dramatically Syd and Olivia pretended to burst into tears while screaming, "How did you do that?" In a more serious tone, Christy stated, "That took months of bootcamp to get that down." And yes, we believe her.

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Hopping back into teacher mode, she asked her new students what they'll be using as their wands for their promo. After revealing a frying pan and a menorah, Christy quipped, "Have you guys ever seen a wand?"

The TikTokers settled on wine bottles, which the actress joked, "I guess that's on brand."

Simultaneously, Syd and Olivia attempted to recreate the Mickey Mouse ears by drawing in the arm with their bottles, shouting, "I'm Christy Carlson Romano and you're watching Disney Channel! And I'm Christy Carlson Romano and you're watching Disney Channel!"

After the star reminded them, "That's ME. You also have names," the comedy duo tried again—but with their backs to their camera.

Once they got their own names down, they needed to add what where they were from. "My dad says," Syd joked, "I'm from Hell."

"Well I'm not a therapist," Christy stated and then noticed the two actually made their own CGI shapes on the screen. But instead of making the Mickey ears, they played Hangman—incorrectly.

 Basically, not everyone can be a Disney Channel professional it seems.