Adam Levine Unveils Dramatic Tattoo That Covers His Entire Leg

Adam Levine took to his Instagram Story to reveal the ink that now sweeps from his ankle to his upper thigh. See the jaw-dropping photo here.

By Cydney Contreras Mar 25, 2021 2:45 AMTags
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Adam Levine is riding a wave of pain after getting his entire leg tattooed.

The Maroon 5 frontman debuted the massive tattoo on Wednesday, March 24, revealing the literal wave that is now sweeping from his ankle and across his thigh. The wave, which is styled similar to that of the famous art piece The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Japanese artist Hokusai, wraps around his entire limb. 

He captioned the video, "Today was ouch but worth it." The artist later joked that having the tattoo on his leg made it "the most painful way to get a tan."

This is just the latest addition to Adam's body of work. According to multiple reports, this is the singer's 27th tattoo.

In 2016, Adam took on the task of getting an enormous siren on his back, with a ship and the horizon in the background. In total, it took about six months to complete.

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That large tattoo, which takes up the entirety of his back, covers two tattoos he previously had done of a pin-up girl and a paw print. 

Adam Levine/Instagram

Another passion of Adam's is, of course, music. Recently, the musician spoke to Zane Lowe of Apple Music about this very topic, revealing that he's already trying to get his daughter into the art of rock. He shared, "It's funny how you go back and rewatch like these old videos, and listen to these old songs, and I've been playing her a lot of Avril Lavigne records."

He also revealed that he thinks there aren't enough bands in the world right now, an opinion you can learn more about here.