You'll Never Guess the Star Who Accidentally Kissed Beyoncé in Front of Jay-Z

Benny Blanco spent the weekend with Beyoncé and Jay-Z nearly a decade ago. However, it was so unforgettable, he said it was the "best" experience. Get all the details about his hangout below.

By Alyssa Morin Mar 24, 2021 11:24 PMTags
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Alexa, play "Hold Up" by Beyoncé.

Benny Blanco accidentally spilled the tea about his past hang out with the history-making Grammy winner and Jay-Z at their Hamptons home 10 years ago. Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music on Wednesday, March 24, the musician opened up about the moment his "life flashed before my eyes." Hint: He got too close to Queen Bey and the "Young Forever" rapper was near.

So, grab your popcorn and lemonade because the 33-year-old record producer shared rare details about his unforgettable weekend with the power couple.

"One night we're chilling...," the songwriter recalled, noting other producers were there, including Hit-Boy. "Beyoncé's like, 'Let's have a beat battle.' ...I'm playing beats, and Jay-Z is there and we're just drinking, chilling. He comes up to me and he's freestyling in my ear. And I'm like, 'Jay-Z is sitting here, getting drunk with me while Beyoncé is singing little riffs, and he's freestyling in my ear. And we're about to all go in the pool after.' It's these moments, I'm like, 'How is this my life?'"

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But, sadly, all good things must come to an end. Benny revealed he would later think his "life is over" on the final night of staying with Bey and Jay, noting "this is the craziest story."

The musician admitted he was worried about the best way to say goodbye to the superstars.

"We're sitting there. It's the end of the night. It's like the third night I'm there, OK? Everyone's drunk," he remembered. "We're having fun. It's the best time ever. We're saying, 'Good night.' And it's at that point where I'm like...Do I hug Beyoncé? Like, what's the protocol? What do you do? Are you just like, 'Bye?'"


As Benny explained, the first night he arrived at the pair's house they weren't "close yet," so his goodbyes were low-key and casual.

"But it's like, we're all getting to know each other," he continued, "and normally in that time I'd be like, 'Ah, great to hang.' So I'm like, do I go in for the hug? And you're like a little dude...You're with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. You're at their house. They're in shorts and a T-shirt. You're sitting there."

At this point, the "Lonely" artist said he decided to give the Houston native a "very European" goodbye. However, it immediately went south.

"I remember I go in for the hug...and then, I'm like, I'm going to kiss her on the cheek. That's what you do. Yeah, you do," he shared. "And I went to...kiss on the cheek, and I guess we missed a little bit. I definitely hit the corner of some sort of lip. I'm like, 'Oh, my God. This is the worst thing in my life.'"

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Of course, as if Benny could not feel more awkward, he said "Jay-Z is right there looking at me" as it happened.

"And I'm just like, my lip is here. Hers is there...and I look at Jay and I'm like, 'Oh, OK. I'm dead. My life is over. It was great. Nice knowing you guys.' My life flashed before my eyes," he explained, adding that the rapper responded, "'All right, bro. See you tomorrow.'"

"No one noticed...," Benny pointed out. "She didn't... This is where my neuroses comes in."

But despite the hiccup, the "Roses" musician raved over that weekend with the power couple and shared how it was the "best" experience.

"The crazy thing is," he noted, "That's a situation where I never made music with Beyoncé that came out, but that moment in my life, going there, learning from them, I learned so much from her, learned so much from him."

He added, "That experience is the best to me. To me, it's about the journey."

Watch the producer's full interview in the video above!