Suddenly There Are 3 Russian Dolls on The Masked Singer and Ken Jeong Has Theories

Last time we saw them, there were two Russian Dolls on The Masked Singer, but apparently they've been deceiving us.

By Lauren Piester Mar 24, 2021 8:41 PMTags

The Russian Dolls are multiplying.

It's hard to declare any of the costumes on The Masked Singer to be the most alarming, but the Russian Dolls are certainly up there. They can only really move their legs (if they have them) and their tiny little arms, and their expressions are mostly frozen. Worst of all, they're taking over. 

When we last saw them a couple of episodes ago, there were only two of them. Now, in a clip exclusive to E! News, there are three. Could there be more?! Or are we officially looking for a singing trio? 

In the clip, Ken Jeong thinks he's got it figured out. He believes that the dolls are three members of The Jackson 5, and when he makes this guess, one of the dolls turns around. Is the doll upset with that guess or is the doll, as guest panelist Joel McHale suggests, backing him up? 

It's unclear, but if you've paid attention to the internet since the dolls made their debut, there's a clear answer here. 

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Adding a third doll only makes it feel more obvious that these dolls are collectively Hanson, the boy band made up of three brothers who have been performing since they were kids. They sound like Hanson, and the clues fit. They were once a shiny toy, and resisted being put "in a box" with other, more manufactured toys, so they've been doing their own thing ever since. 

However, if those Russian Doll tops come off at the end of this and it's three Jackson 5 members, we can't say we'll be disappointed. 

You can watch the clip below!

Not only does tonight's episode feature the first guest panelist of the season, but it also features the first Wildcard performance. Some new singer can come in and steal a spot from one of the singers we've already met, which means the stakes have never been higher. 

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.