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So some big singing competition or something happened last night and everyone, even the famous people, is all a-Twitter about it. Let's all quiet down and see if we can hear what the celebs are tweeting...

• Emmy Rossum is heartbroken but hopeful: "Adam Lambert seriously did not win? Such a let down. Kid's gonna be a massive star regardless. Go Lambert!!!"

Adrianne Curry was a bit more outspoken: "It's ok, Adam didn't win because Americans hate gays. That's ok, you f--king homophobes, u can have ur cute mediocre singer."

• Kirstie Alley's consistently bad at choosing Idol winners, but like she twitters, "The peeps I have chosen have had huge careers. Adam will have an enormous career!!"

Nicole Richie didn't want to get into the results, "But I will say this.. Kara DioGuardi & Holly Hunter look like long lost sisters. Does anyone agree?"

Our E! News hosting lady Giuliana Rancic wondered, "is it just me, or was kris not very excited about winning?"

Apparently Papa Joe Simpson is kind of a weirdo even when it doesn't involve his daughter's breasts: "Ur right.. It is kris! however, I think adam is a huge star. What a voice.. Papa is proud of both guys!!!"

And then there's Jewel: "what did u guys think of the presidents speech?" Seriously? What are you doing, Jewel, trying to ruin our AI pity party with important current events?

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