See Aneesa Ferreira's Transformation on The Challenge Over the Years

The 14-season veteran was sent home on the MTV reality hit's March 24 episode, but we know we'll be seeing Aneesa back for The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount+.

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The O.G. has left the Crater.

Aneesa Ferreira is now 0-14 when it comes to MTV's The Challenge and her latest elimination on Double Agents may have been the hardest one for her yet.

In the MTV reality hit's March 24 episode, The Real World vet finally had enough of her fellow competitors criticizing her performance and questioning whether she has what it takes to run T.J. Lavin's final. 

"I've been doing this s--t longer than all of you guys," an exasperated Aneesa said. "The first pole wrestle, the first hall brawl, I did this s--t before all of you. I paved the way for half the women that are doing this."

Unfortunately, even though she already secured her gold skull, which qualified her to make it to the final competition, Aneesa was thrown into the elimination against Big T and ultimately lost.

"Losing before the final has been my reality for the last however many seasons," the 39-year-old admitted after her defeat. "This loss feels so different. This is one where I kind of left it all out there. I exceeded my expectations and I don't really care what anyone else thinks."

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But Aneesa was able to see one positive on her way of out of the game.

"The one thing I wanted was a woman of color winning and there are nothing left but women of color," she said. "So my purpose is fulfilled and it feels incredible and I was part of it. I am so grateful for that."

And Aneesa's journey isn't over yet as she is one of the O.G.s competing in The Challenge: All Stars, a new spinoff series coming to Paramount+. Alton Williams, Mark Long, Ruthie Alcaide and more iconic Real World and Road Rules are all returning for a chance at $500,000 and, for some, like Aneesa, their first-ever win. 

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So let's toast to Aneesa's heartbreaking exit (and hopefully triumphant return) by looking back on her Challenge journey...

The Real World: Chicago

MTV viewers were first introduced to Aneesa, an openly gay 20-year-old from Pennsylvania, when she was one of seven strangers picked to live in a house—or, in this case, a converted bookstore/coffeehouse—on the reality hit's 11th season. Set in Chicago, Aneesa's season was particularly memorable as the cameras documented the cast reacting to the tragic terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Battle of the Sexes

Following her stint on The Real World, Aneesa made her debut on The Challenge's sixth season, which aired in 2003. 

Battle of the Sexes 2

Aneesa was back in action in 2004 for the second men vs. women-themed season. 

The Gauntlet II

Aneesa made it to the finals for the first time in the 2005 season, which pitted vets against rookies. 

The Duel

The Real World vet came in third place in the 2006 season, falling one episode shy of making the final.

The Inferno III

She was a member of the "Bad Asses" taking on the "Good Guys" in 2007. While Aneesa didn't make it to the end, her team took home the win.

The Duel II

This 2009 outing marked Aneesa's last trip to the finals, ultimately coming in third place. 


Partnered with Robin Hibbard, her team was the first female pair to be ousted from the 2013 season.

Battle of the Exes

In the 2012 season, Aneesa was teamed with her ex-girlfriend Rachel Robinson, though the pair failed to make it to the final. 

Rivals II

Stretching the term "rivalry," Aneesa was paired with the late Diem Brown for the second edition of the rivals theme, which aired in 2013.

Free Agents

For the first time in several seasons, Aneesa was able to play an individual game in the show's 2014 outing.

Battle of the Bloodlines

Bringing her cousin Rianna Polin onto the show, Aneesa was eliminated just before the finals in 2015.

XXX: Dirty 30

In the show's 30th season, which aired in 2017, Aneesa was eliminated in episode 12.

Total Madness

Continuing her streak of being sent home just before the finals last year, Aneesa was bested in an elimination by Big Brother star Bayleigh Williams in a late elimination.

Double Agents

"Usually right before a final, someone's trying to send me back in and I'm not trying to have that s--t go down," a prophetic Aneesa said in the 2021 season.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened, Aneesa losing her gold skull and place in the final after she was beat by Big T in an elimination just before the final.

All Stars

After 14 seasons without a win, Aneesa is hoping to score her first Challenge victory in Paramount+'s highly anticipated spinoff, which finds 22 of the longrunning series' veterans returning for a shot at $500,000. 

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on MTV and The Challenge: All Stars premieres Thursday, April 1 on Paramount+.