Why Katharine McPhee Doesn't Feel the "Pressure" to Get Back to Her Post-Pregnancy Body

Katharine McPhee, who just welcomed her first child with husband David Foster, said she's not worried about fitting into her pre-pregnancy jeans anytime soon.

By Kaitlin Reilly Mar 20, 2021 11:34 PMTags
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Katharine McPhee isn't stressed about getting back to her pre-pregnancy body. 

"I thought I would have this pressure [to bounce back] but I've just been so grateful and happy that I've had a healthy baby and I've felt really good, emotionally and physically," the Smash star, who just welcomed her first child with husband David Foster in February, explained to People. "I'm so happy that I don't have this crazy pressure yet to fit into whatever jeans I have in my closet."

The American Idol alum added, "I don't even think about them right now! In my everyday life, I would have an event coming up or need to work out and it's just really nice to have a break and be happy where I am."

Katharine, who has discussed her battle with an eating disorder in the past, previously shared on Dr. Berlin's Informed Pregnancy Podcast that body image issues were a struggle during her pregnancy. 

"I have felt really stable in my life in the last four or five years, and my weight has been sort of like more consistent," said the 36 year old on March 1. "But feeling like there was a relapse after getting pregnant was really shocking and upsetting and concerning for me, because I was suddenly so obsessed with food, starting from this first trimester."

While Katharine is now more comfortable in her own skin, she and her husband are dealing with the ups and downs of life with a new baby. The two have had to talk about just how much information they should share about their little one, named Rennie David Foster. David, apparently, wasn't thrilled when his wife revealed their son's name on the Today show. 

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"My husband was kind of annoyed," the Broadway star confessed in a March 18 interview with SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show. "I said, 'What was I supposed to say? Nothing? Like, I'm sorry, we're not sharing the name.' Cause we don't want to be like that pretentious over the name, but just—it's the only kind of thing you can hold on to that feels private, you know, that you can kind of keep. But Hoda [Kotb] just asked me on the Today show like, ‘What's his name?' And I was didn't want to be like, ‘Sorry, we're not sharing it.'"

Katharine, who stars in the new Netflix sitcom Country Comfort, previously shared that she wasn't sure how much information fans would even want about her new life as a mom. 

"I never want to assume that my life is so important that people are waiting to announce that I am pregnant," she explained last month to Tammin Sursok and Roxy Manning on their podcast Women on Top. "Or waiting to post the first photo of my baby's foot, hand or something like that."

Fortunately, it sounds like Katharine is now taking everything about new motherhood in stride.