Everything Matthew McConaughey Has Said About a Texas Governor Run

Matthew McConaughey may be following in the footsteps of Arnold Schwarzenegger and getting into politics. Here's what the actor had to say about his potential run for Texas governor.

By Kaitlin Reilly Mar 20, 2021 5:45 PMTags
Watch: Matthew McConaughey May Be Running as Governor for Texas

Will Texas be "alright, alright, alright" under a certain star's leadership?

Austin resident Matthew McConaughey is seriously considering throwing his hat in the ring of the 2022 Texas governor race. The Dallas Buyers Club star first teased the news earlier this month in a podcast interview with Crime Stoppers of Houston's The Balanced Voice podcast, telling the host Rania Mankarious that it's a "true consideration." 

"I'm looking into now again, what is my leadership role? I do think I have some things to teach and share," he explained. "What is my role? What is my category in my next chapter of life that I am going into now?" 

It's worlds away from what he told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show last November. "Right now, no. I don't get politics," the 51 year old said at the time. "Politics seems to be a broken business. Politics needs to redefine its purpose."

Since then, Matthew has teased more about his potential role in the politics of his home state. On the March 18 episode of The Tonight Show this month, the Oscar winner told Jimmy Fallon that while he's "no further" than in the consideration phase, it would be an "honorable" position to find himself in, should he go that route. 

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Should he decide to officially make a bid for office, the Green Lights author would run against Governor Greg Abbott, who is up for re-election. The Texas Governor is a Republican, however, it's unclear what party Matthew would run under.

The actor told Texas newspaper The Longview News-Journal earlier this month, "I think, going in, to think Democrat or Republican or one of the other, is small thinking now and even becoming unconstitutional because you're supposed to serve the American people or the people of your state."


One thing is certain: Matthew wouldn't be the first Hollywood star to run for office. President Ronald Reagan was famously an actor before winning the White House, as was Arnold Schwarzenegger prior to his time as Governor of California from 2003 to 2007. 

Other stars who made the bid for governor include Sex and the City alum Cynthia Nixon, who lost in the Democratic primary to New York's current governor Andrew Cuomo in 2018.