Rupert Grint Reveals the One Thing That Would Make Him Return to the Harry Potter Franchise

In a recent interview, Harry Potter alum Rupert Grint explained the one reason he would consider to return to the magical world of Harry Potter.

By Mona Thomas Mar 19, 2021 7:05 PMTags
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Rupert Grint would step back into Ron Weasley's shoes under this one condition.

In an interview with Esquire, which was published on March 19, the Servant actor revealed the only way he would get back on camera alongside his Harry Potter co-stars.

"I think going back now would be—I can't really imagine it," he confessed. "But, I mean, never say never. It would only be if everyone else wants to do the same. But yeah, no—I think just leave it."

Grint explained that filming all eight magical films alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson for over a decade of his life was unlike any other experience.

"It was a very unique experience that we all went through," he shared. "And no one really understands it and can relate to it but us. Almost kind of like astronauts. Kind of a weird experiment, I think."

Though he acknowledged the value of the films for his career and personal relationships—he formed a deep bond with Radcliffe and Watson—Grint admitted that he felt he "peaked" early on because of the role.

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"I kind of peaked very early on, I think," he said. "I wasn't in a huge rush to do as many things as I could. And I think when I started doing a bit of theater, that's when I got a bit of the love back."

Outside of work, Grint detailed the struggles he and his partner Georgia Groome are dealing with while raising their 9-month-old daughter Wednesday in quarantine amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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He recalled a time when the infant's hand suddenly turned purple. "We absolutely were like, ‘What the f--k is going on?'" the star remembered. "You think the worst and it's… I don't want to go too into detail, but the first night was just terrifying. You can't sleep at all, just constantly checking that she's breathing."

He continued, "Sleeping, in general, for me, is something I've really struggled with. I think as a kid, people always said, ‘They died in their sleep,' so I always thought sleep was a really dangerous, dangerous thing."