Donald Trump, Carrie Prejean

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We know Miss Cali is an utter hypocrite, but did she learn her contradictory behavior from Donald Trump, who totally picks and chooses how he gives his second chances? Why does Carrie Prejean get to keep her tiara on top of her swelled ego while Miss Nevada 2007, Katie Rees, was stripped of her title back in 2006?

Both beauty princesses were seen in all sorts of seminudity, so what's the big diff? Was it because Miss Nevada was kissing a girl in one of the leaked photos?

Sure, a bimbo-lovin' dude like the Donald, whose own ethics are so questionable it's laughable he'd be considered a moral authority figure, would sure love that type of sultry behavior—but not from one of his precious Miss USA gals. God forbid any lesbianism taint his perfectly primped role models, right?

What's Trump's take on the whole gay marriage debate, anyway?

We called Donald Trump's reps for his official stance on same-sex marriage—and he either doesn't have one, or doesn't wanna share it, since our multiple pressings went completely unanswered. Not very shocking, is it?

It's surprising Miss Nevada didn't get a second chance, since D.T.'s typically a fan of those fallen-crown types—Miss USA Tara Conner got to keep her rhinestone headpiece after enrolling in a rehab program for drugs and booze.

What's that message saying? That sucking face with someone of the same sex is infinitely worse (and unforgivable) than having a drug and alcohol addiction? Don't tell that to Lindsay! 'Cause if it's between dating another dame or getting caught with coke in her pants again, we think the former is a helluva lot healthier.

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