Matt James' Brother Updates Fans on the Bachelor Star After Rachael Kirkconnell Breakup

After Matt James tweeted about finding a therapist, his brother John the Scorpio has offered fans a comforting update on his brother after the finale of The Bachelor.

By Samantha Schnurr Mar 19, 2021 3:14 PMTags

According to Matt James' brother, fans have no need to worry. 

It's been an eventful week for the TV personality, who rose to fame as the first Black lead of The Bachelor this year. During the long-awaited finale on Monday, March 15, fans learned how everything unfolded for Matt, who ultimately split from his final choiceRachael Kirkconnell, as a result of her social media controversy

The day after the finale aired, fans took notice when he tweeted, "[Writing emoji] Google [writing emoji] Therapist [writing emoji] Near me." He has since wiped his Instagram account clean, deleting every one of his previous posts. 

While his social media behavior may have sparked some concern, his brother John the Scorpio shared an update on his sibling during an interview on the March 19 episode of Rachel Lindsay and Van Lathan's Higher Learning podcast.

John noted he had just spoken to Matt two days earlier. "I called him for that very same reason just to see where his head was at," John said, referencing the tweet. "He's in a good spot. He's good. People don't need to worry about Matt."

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"It's kind of like he's going through a detox phase," John continued, "of all the stuff that he was dealing with with ABC and being in the spotlight and doing interviews. He's in a better place."

And if you had any lingering worries, the sibling reiterated, "People don't need to worry about how he is because he's doing good." While it seems like Matt is relishing his private time now that the series is over, it sounds like John had his doubts about the Bachelor engagement process. 

"I had this conversation with my mom. I said this to me is not what I perceive personally as reality and like an actual real dynamic that somebody would experience in everyday life," John told the co-hosts. "I couldn't really take it serious because who in their right mind could come to a serious conclusion in two-three months for a lifetime decision?"

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