See Mila Kunis’ Major Transformation in Four Good Days Trailer

Mila Kunis is almost unrecognizable as a woman struggling to stay sober in the upcoming movie Four Good Days. Scroll to see a sneak peek of Mila's transformation.

By Kaitlin Reilly Mar 18, 2021 5:36 PMTags
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Mila Kunis looks nearly unrecognizable in what may be her most dramatic, heartbreaking role yet. 

The trailer for the That '70s Show alum's new movie Four Good Days just hit the internet, and it features a bleached-blonde Mila as Molly, a woman battling drug addiction. In the new film, Molly learns she must stay sober for four more days in order to be eligible to receive an opiate antagonist shot, which will stop her body from being able to get high and, hopefully, help her stay clean. Supporting her in this journey is her estranged mother, played by Glenn Close

The new trailer features a very emotional performance from the Black Swan actress as she fights against withdrawal symptoms and comes face to face with all the things that her addiction has taken from her, including the trust of her parents and custody of her children. 

Four Good Days is based on Eli Saslow's Washington Post article "'How's Amanda?' A story of truth, lies and an American addiction," which chronicled a woman named Amanda Wendler's experience with opiate addiction.

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Though Mila is best known for her comedy work in films like Ted and Bad Moms, her next role is also slated to be a particularly dark turn. Last month it was announced that the actress is slated to star in Netflix's adaptation of Luckiest Girl Alive, which she is also set to produce. Based on Jessica Knoll's novel of the same name, it follows Ani, a woman trying to outrun a high school tragedy that changed the course of her life. 


Jessica wrote on Instagram of Mila's involvement in the project, "This has been six years of relentless rewriting, rejections, studio changes, and torturous stretches of stagnation. I am SO proud of the fact that Mila Kunis read the 63rd draft of my script and was like yeah, I get this girl, and so grateful for her shrewd third act notes that helped me take the 64th draft into another stratosphere."

Check out the trailer for Four Good Days above.