Shawn Johnson and Andrew East Reveal the Sex of Baby No. 2

Shawn Johnson and husband Andrew East, who are parents to 16-month-old daughter Drew, revealed the sex of their second child on March 26. Keep scrolling for all the adorable photos.

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Shawn Johnson and Andrew East are all set to balance life with two young children. 

The couple shared via social media on Friday, March 26 that they are expecting a baby boy! The former Olympic gymnast, who announced her pregnancy in January, revealed the sex of their second child with an adorable YouTube video.

Dressed in head-to-toe white, the proud parents had their loved ones splatter them with blue paint. (Keep scrolling to see photos from the reveal!)

As Shawn described in the YouTube vid, "I was so shocked because in the back of my head I kept saying a boy just because everything was different, but I truly thought we were gonna have a girl. I even had dreams that we're gonna have three girls and have a girl family."

Shawn and Andrew, both 29, welcomed 17-month-old daughter Drew in October 2019 after tying the knot in April 2016. While they had indeed intended to make Drew a big sister at a young age, they hadn't anticipated having the new bundle of joy arrive quite this quickly. 

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"We said we would start trying around a year, thinking it would take at least a year," Shawn told E! News during an exclusive interview in January. "So this was a shock. We did not think it would happen this fast or we would be dealing with this this soon."

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Also complicating matters was the fact that Shawn had planned to provide gymnastics insight during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, as she had for London in 2012 and Rio in 2016.

"Our due date is technically the opening ceremonies," she continued. "So I don't think we'll be there."

Unexpected timing aside, the star and her husband, an NFL long snapper, are thrilled to introduce a sibling to Drew, who Shawn described to E! News as "very sassy, very opinionated."

Jessica Steddom (@jessicasteddom)

Another part of their pregnancy journey they've shared with fans was Shawn testing positive for COVID-19 while expecting. When she announced the diagnosis via her Instagram Story on Jan. 31, she wrote, "Not going to lie…I'm nervous knowing I'm positive."

Shawn, who has since recovered, returned to her Instagram Story on Feb. 2 to thank fans for their support and add that her symptoms were subsiding. "I do still consider myself a very lucky one, I think I have it pretty mild," she wrote. 

One thing that's certain is the Nashville-based couple, who posted photos from their babymoon in Mexico's Cabo San Lucas earlier this month, couldn't be more ready expand the family. 

Watch Shawn and Andrew find out the sex of their baby above!