You'll Never Believe What Loni Love Once Did for Nicki Minaj on The Real Set

By Brett Malec Mar 17, 2021 5:56 PMTags

This is one clucking good story.

Nightly Pop guest host Loni Love opened up about a very memorable (and hilarious!) experience she had with Nicki Minaj on last night's episode of the hit E! talk show. While discussing Tiffany Haddish's recent comments calling out the rapper's tendency to be late, Love recounted a 2014 incident when she witnessed Minaj's diva behavior first hand.

"Now she is correct," Love said on Mar. 16 adding, "Nicki can be a little, um, not punctual because I had her on the show The Real, but girl, it's worth it."

Love explained, "She was about an hour. And we had to go buy chicken for her whole crew."

"Why?!" E!'s Nina Parker asked.

Love replied, "We had to go buy chicken. It was a demand."

"What kind of chicken?" Parker prodded.

"It was Popeye's, girl," Love laughed. "So I didn't have a problem with that, right? Because I was like, 'OK, let me go get it while we're waiting.'"

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Parker shared in disbelief, "You did not go get it yourself."

"Oh yes I did,' Love said. "Because there was nothing to do! I went with the P.A. It was a lot of chicken, y'all. They wanted a lot."

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Love added, "After I waited an hour, Nicki came, Nicki killed it, so it was worth the wait. And then when I went back to the dressing room all that chicken was there. I said, 'This was worth it!' Because I had the leftover chicken." LOL!

Hear Love's hilarious story in the Nightly Pop clip above.