Grammys Mystery Solved! Here's the Photo Jack Antonoff Took on the Red Carpet

Fans cracked up watching Jack Antonoff snap his own photos on the Grammys red carpet with a tiny little camera. Now, he's sharing his BTS pics (featuring a couple Taylor Swift cameos) with the world.

By Lindsay Weinberg Mar 17, 2021 3:06 AMTags

Normally, the cameras are pointed at the celebrity on the red carpet. But at the 2021 Grammy Awards, Jack Antonoff basically said, "Two people can play this game." 

The quirky music producer would go on to take home the Album of the Year award for Taylor Swift's folklore. But before that historic win, he created buzz when decided to snap some of his own pics on the Grammys red carpet.

He posed with girlfriend Carlotta Kohl on the carpet, before photographers asked for some solo shots. Carlotto stepped to the side, joining Jack's music collaborator, Aaron Dessner, and his wife, Stine Wengler, out of sight.

Strangely enough, Jack suddenly pulled out his own mini film camera, which practically looked like the ones we had in middle school. He aimed the lens at Carlotta and took a couple quick pics—without even looking!

Needless to say, the jarring and meme-able moment blew up.

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One fan declared, "PLEASE THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING IVE SEEN ALL NIGHT." Another captioned the clip, "No thoughts just jack antonoff and his tiny camera." 

As one Twitter user put it, "jack antonoff i love you im thankful for you and for your film camera." More fans thanked him for always providing the BTS content we need, saying, "paparazzi works hard but jack antonoff works harder." 

So what exactly was the musician documenting? 

Well, on Tuesday, March 16, Jack responded to one of Variety's tweets by revealing his epic behind-the-scenes photo.

The specific image in question showed Carlotta, Aaron and Stine standing in front of a giant black curtain, with the two women flipping off the camera. It was an amazing moment, OK?

"this is the pic i took from the carpet," he wrote. "big carl big vibe!"

Jack Antonoff/Instagram

But that's not all. Fans also spotted the "august" songwriter taking selfies with Taylor and Aaron at their fancy Grammys table—like, the old school kind of selfie where you held up the camera and couldn't see the screen. Jack likely didn't know how the photos would turn out until he developed them.

Thankfully for us, the 36 year old released the pics into the world by sharing them on his Instagram Story. The retro images gave us serious Met Gala vibes, to say the least.

Jack Antonoff/Instagram

Jack posted a picture of himself (relatably out of focus) with Taylor, whose eyes were squinted in a smile as she held up two pointed fingers. "this the pic from the table," he shared. 

The next featured Tay and Aaron together, as Taylor held up three fingers, likely symbolizing her three Album of the Year wins throughout her career. 

See, this is why we stan Jack and his camera.

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