This Is Us Sneak Peek: Rebecca Gives Jack a Much-Needed Pearson Pep Talk

In this exclusive clip from Tuesday, March 16's all-new This Is Us, Rebecca hypes up husband Jack ahead of a big work dinner. See the sweet scene for yourself.

By Alyssa Ray Mar 15, 2021 10:48 PMTags

A Pearson pep talk.

In this exclusive clip from Tuesday, March 16's all-new This Is Us, Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) shares some reassuring words with husband Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) ahead of an important work dinner. Rebecca's support is certainly needed as Jack is eyeing a promotion after bringing home their three kids: Kate, Kevin and Randall.

"Wow, you look handsome," Rebecca notes as a suit and tie-clad Jack enters the dining room.

"Yeah, Miguel said I should probably wear a tie to dinner," Jack comments on his ensemble. "You don't think I look too much like a suck up?"

In order to curb Jack's doubts, Rebecca assures him that he's "not sucking up." She adds, "You are angling for a promotion, which would be nice because diapers are expensive."

Following this remark, Jack teases his wife for putting "a little pressure on it." Rebecca quickly clarifies that she isn't pressuring Jack.

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"I think you should just go be yourself," Rebecca states before adding, "and show those Lundy suits that you are more than a foreman."

Liking Rebecca's words of support, Jack repeats, "More than a foreman."

And, channeling her new mom status, Rebecca quips, "You're a fiveman."


After Jack declares her joke "very cute," Rebecca says, while she may be sleep deprived, she's "still got it." At this point, the infant Big Three begin crying in another room. Thus, Rebecca urges her husband to "leave while you can."

Family is certainly the focus of Tuesday's all-new episode. So far this season, both Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) have welcomed newborns. Furthermore, the new synopsis teases, "Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) navigates qualms with her mother. Kevin and Kate bring their families together for dinner."

For the sweet Rebecca and Jack conversation, catch the exclusive clip above.

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