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Good morning, TV fans! CBS has just announced its new schedule for next year, and here are the highlights about the shows you already know and love.

  • Is CBS the greenest network of all? After NBC dumped Medium in the trash yesterday, CBS plucked it out of cancellation oblivion to recycle/reuse it in a new way. Medium will be joining Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights over on the Tiffany network. And thank god, too. A world without the DuBois family is a world we don't really want to live in. Thanks to the CBS network peeps for making this happen!
  • First-year hit The Mentalist is going to the big-time: Look for it on Thursdays at 10 p.m. next year.
  • The NCIS spinoff, titled NCIS: Los Angeles, has been picked up and will air after the original on Tuesday nights.
  • The Unit, Without a Trace and Eleventh Hour have been canceled.

Update: Read on for the official CBS schedule and to get our rundown of CBS's new-series pickups, including Alex O'Loughlin's medical drama:


Note: Rules of Engagement will return at midseason.

8 p.m.: How I Met Your Mother
8:30 p.m.: Accidentally on Purpose
9 p.m.: Two and a Half Men
9:30 p.m.: The Big Bang Theory
10 p.m.: CSI: Miami

8 p.m.: NCIS
9 p.m.: NCIS: Los Angeles
10 p.m.: The Good Wife

8 p.m.: The New Adventures of Old Christine
8:30 p.m.: Gary Unmarried
9 p.m.: Criminal Minds
10 p.m.: CSI: NY

8 p.m.: Survivor
9 p.m.: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
10 p.m.: The Mentalist

8 p.m.: Ghost Whisperer
9 p.m.: Medium
10 p.m.: Numb3rs

7 p.m.: 60 Minutes
8 p.m.: The Amazing Race
9 p.m.: Three Rivers
10 p.m.: Cold Case


Three Rivers , Alex O'Loughlin

John P. Filo/ CBS

Accidentally on Purpose stars Jenna Elfman as a young woman who gets knocked up and decides to live platonically with the baby daddy (and the kid). Wackiness ensues. Costars Grant Show and Ashley Jensen.

The Bridge, set to premiere at midseason, is about the leader of a police union who must balance the demands of his fellow cops with the city administration, all while continuing to fight crime. Stars Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica!)

The Good Wife should not be confused with last year's Canterbury's Law, even though both star Julianna Margulies as a lawyer. This time around she plays a wronged woman who washes that man right out of her hair by getting the defense attorney job she always wanted when she was younger. Costars Chris Noth, Josh Charles, Christine Baranski and Matt Czuchry.

Miami Trauma, also set to premiere at midseason, is a Jerry Bruckheimer Productions show about, well, trauma surgeons at a hospital in Miami. Think Seattle Grace but sunnier and with more broken bones. Stars Jeremy Northam and Omar Gooding

NCIS: Los Angeles focuses on paramilitary investigators who hunt down especially dangerous criminals by using the latest whizbang technology. Stars LL Cool J, Chris O'Donnell and Louise Lombard.

Three Rivers needs no explanation other than that it's the new Alex O'Loughlin medical drama. OK, here's a little more explanation: The three rivers are (maybe) a metaphor for the three streams of humanity that must converge to make a human organ transplant possible: the donors, the recipients and the doctors. Either that or it's set at Three Rivers Hospital...O'Loughlin plays the hotshot doc who leads the transplant team. Costars Julia Ormond and Justina Machado.

New reality shows on CBS include Arranged Marriage (exactly what it sounds like) and Undercover Boss, wherein the corporate king takes off his crown, shrugs the ermine robe from his shoulders and walks among the common people, learning a thing or two about the working class and their quaint, wholesome values.

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