Why Harry Styles' 2021 Grammys Speech Was Censored

During his acceptance speech for Best Pop Solo Performance at the 2021 Grammys, Harry Styles dropped a major curse word. Scroll on to see what he said and how fans reacted!

By Mona Thomas Mar 15, 2021 2:47 PMTags
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Harry Styles, er, candor is what makes him beautiful.

While accepting his first-ever Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo performance for "Watermelon Sugar" during the 2021 Grammy Awards, the "Golden" British singer let his excitement get the best of him when he let an F-bomb fly during the his acceptance speech.

As he congratulated the other nominees including Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Doja Cat, the "Golden" artist, 27, said-year-old says, "I'm really grateful to be here. All of these songs are f—king massive, so thank you so much. I feel honored to be around all of you so thank you so much."

Of course, during the live show, the censor also led to a bit of hilarity for viewers who had their own theories as to why he was bleeped. "I choose to believe the bleeped portion of @Harry_Styles speech was him confessing his adoration for my body," wrote one fan.

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The rest of the humble speech was pretty clean, however, with Harry thanking his team and giving fans some insight into the track's collaborative origin

"Wow, to everyone who made this record with me, thank you so much," he said. "This is the first song we wrote after my first album came out, during a day off in Nashville, and I just want to say thanks to TomTyler and Mitch and everyone, Rob Stringer and everyone at Columbia, my manager Jeffrey, who has always nudged me to do better and never pushed me. And thank you so much. I feel very grateful to be here, thank you so much. I feel very honored to be among all of you, so thank you so much."

See the full speech (uncensored in the video) above!