Watch Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber Spill Major Secrets in Game of "Never Have I Ever"

Hailey Bieber invited Kendall Jenner to be her first guest on her new series YouTube series Who's In My Bathroom?. Watch the video to see them talk about their friendship and play the game.

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Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner are flushing out the details of their friendship.

The 24-year-old model released the premiere episode of her YouTube series Who's In My Bathroom? on March 12 and invited the 25-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star to be her first guest. The BFFs dished on their bond and cooked up some macaroni and cheese all from the comfort of the restroom.  

From talking about how they met (it was at The Hunger Games premiere in 2012) to revealing the wedding gift Kris Jenner got Hailey and Justin Bieber (it was a set of bowls that held the mac and cheese), the two talked about it all. They also discussed how their opposite qualities make them good friends, noting, for example, that Kendall is the more "brutally honest" of the two. 

"Because I love you, like, genuinely, and, like, I want what's best for you," the fellow model explained. "And I want you to be, like, happy."

Hailey then talked about how Kendall has been there for her, noting "I was, like, crying in this girl's guest bedroom for, like, two years straight." Of course, the support goes both ways. 

"I feel like both you and I have experienced—whether it be business, like self, love, like whatever it is—like, I feel like we've both seen each other, like, thrive at different times than others…and we've been there for each other through it all and not, like, let it get in the way of our friendship," Kendall added, "which I think is, like, really special and important."

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber at Coachella 2019

In addition, they played a few rounds of "Never Have I Ever." The celebrities were asked a series of questions and were supposed to down a shot of Kendall's tequila when they had done what was inquired. For instance, they both had a drink when asked if they'd ever had a guy write a song about them and when asked if they'd ever kissed the same guy as a best friend. But neither player took a shot when asked if she's ever cheated on someone—both replying, "I have never." Each participant also said she's never had a one-night stand.

Although, there were a few times when the ladies forgot the rules, including when they accidentally almost took a sip after being asked "never have I ever been pregnant." However, they were quick to set the record straight.

"We need to clear that one up," Kendall said, "Neither of us has ever been pregnant."

Added Hailey, "We've never been pregnant. Nothing of that sort. Not a scare, not a nothing."


Kendall also got confused when it came to the question of "never have I ever saved myself for marriage." While she replied, "I have not," she then proceeded to raise her glass, leading Hailey to jokingly ask if Kendall has ever been married. 

"No one's ever proposed to me," Kendall said while tearing up from laughing so hard. "I've never even been engaged….I'm not married. It would be so nice to be married, but I'm not. My dress would be so beautiful."

Watch the video to see their interview and game.

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