Nanny Faye's Latest Money-Making Scheme May Be "Genius" on Chrisley Knows Best

In this exclusive sneak peek from tonight, March 11's all-new Chrisley Knows Best, Nanny Faye enlists the help of Chase and Elliott for an estate sale.

By Alyssa Ray Mar 11, 2021 3:00 PMTags
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Dame Faye? Has a nice ring to it.

In this exclusive clip from tonight, March 11's all-new Chrisley Knows Best, Nanny Faye cooks up her latest money-making scheme, an estate sale. Of course, grandson Chase Chrisley and his friend Elliott are there to assist Nanny's latest attempt to make a buck.

"Chase, don't break that now," Nanny Faye notes as they sort through her belongings. "I'm gonna have to put about $25 on that."

Todd Chrisley's son responds while holding up a ceramic dachshund, "This?"

In reality, Nanny Faye intends to sell the bright orange item for $75. Still, Chase is in disbelief that his grandmother has decided to sell her stuff.

He adds, "When did you start listening to daddy about getting rid of all of your s--t?"

Per Faye, she realized she could make some money after attending an estate sale. "When we went to that estate sale and we seen how much money they make off of that stuff," she explains. "So, we're gonna do one of our own."

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However, as Chase points out, Nanny Faye isn't dead. Her response: "Well, I won't tell ‘em if you don't."

While Chase is skeptical about the estate sale, his pal Elliott is all about it, calling it a "genius idea." And this isn't the only part of Faye's plan, as she also pitches an elaborate story to lure in "big spenders." 

Elliott chimes in, "We could say she's like a dame or a princess. Like, the movie Frozen."

Nanny Faye takes to Elliott's pitch, dubbing it a "good idea."

Elliott adds, "Like, look, Miss Dame Faye."

The Chrisley matriarch comments, "That sounds really important."

Finally sold on the idea, Chase declares that it "might work." In a confessional, he states, "If we can pull this off, it's a perfect scenario. We both can make some money and you can keep the old man happy."

Nanny Faye sounds off by calling the plan "a win, win."

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In order to add some allure, Nanny Faye and the boys begin to create stories for each item. After Chase points to a surf board, Nanny Faye fabricates, "Well, I was in California and I was on the beach and I met the Beach Boys."

As for her bedazzled guitar? Nanny Faye claims she "got that from Elvis."

Sure, Nanny, sure.

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While finalizing their plan, Chase says he'll put his "best man" Elliott on the job.  Nanny Faye quips, "If that's your best man, then we screwed."

Catch the hilarious scene for yourself in the exclusive clip above.

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