Jana Kramer Addresses Breast Implant Illness Concerns After Augmentation Revelation

Jana Kramer reacted to concerns she received about potentially developing Breast Implant Illness. "I know y'all are trying to look out for me," she said, "But...I need support."

By Alyssa Morin Mar 09, 2021 2:05 AMTags
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Jana Kramer is asking for more love and support and less stress.

In honor of International Women's Day on March 8, the country singer took to Instagram to share that she has decided to get a breast augmentation and lift. Because, as she simply put it, "'I' want to."

Following her post, Jana revealed that people began expressing their concerns, specifically about the possibility of her developing Breast Implant Illness—which can occur after undergoing reconstruction or cosmetic augmentation with breast implants.

"I appreciate everyone reaching out about the Breast Implant Illness," the 37-year-old star said in a video clip on Instagram Stories. "It's definitely something that I've done a ton of research on. I appreciate the concern, but I also don't want any more anxiety around it...I just need support."

She also captioned her Instagram Story, "I know y'all are trying to look out for me. But again if we can just show support as I need support. Please and thank you so much!"

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Along with addressing the concerns from her fans, Jana took a moment to thank those who sent positive messages her way.

"I was so nervous to even do that post earlier because I just know there's a lot of...stuff around it with the implants and illness that could potentially happen," she said in a separate video on Instagram Stories. "I was really dreading the comments...but just thank you for being so supportive and kind."

Jana Kramer/Instagram

On Monday morning, the One Tree Hill alum opened up about her plans to get a breast augmentation and lift.

"Time to let you all in on a deeper level,' she began her lengthy caption. "I have been insanely hesitant on sharing this because, honestly, I'm afraid of the reactions...I considered not saying anything but then it just would have felt inauthentic, and well, you might be noticing a difference. So here goes. After many years of consideration I have decided to get a breast augmentation and lift."

Jana then explained that she's making this decision solely based on her own desires, admitting there was a time when she was thinking about enhancing herself for others. She used her marriage to Mike Caussin as an example.

"I've considered breast augmentation before but it was never for 'me,'" she shared. "With everything that happened in my marriage I thought I would be loved more, sexier, or quite frankly he would choose me. But the better part of me knew, that was a distraction."

Jana Kramer / Instagram

Jana added that after having her two kids, Jolie Rae Caussin, 5, and Jace Joseph Caussin, 2, she "had a new set of insecurities with my body."

"Things didn't go back to normal," she explained, "and I carry a lot of embarrassment when I'm undressed. I don't want to feel that way anymore. That was the 'click' that showed I should follow through. Before it was what I thought someone else wanted. Now it's simple. 'I'—and that's a very 'capital' 'I.'"

The podcaster said she feels "empowered" by this decision. As she put it, "Bottom line, I'm choosing myself, I'm choosing my size, I'm doing what's right for me. I know a woman's body is beautiful no matter what shape or size but I want this."

Before signing off, she left her followers with an important note, writing, "So do what's right for you, and I'll celebrate with you, too."