Watch Lisa Vanderpump Dream Up Cheeky Cocktails Inspired By Andy Cohen, Lady Gaga & More Celebs

By Allison Crist Mar 10, 2021 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Lisa Vanderpump's Cheeky Celebrity Cocktail Names

After years of conquering the restaurant industry and reality television alike, Lisa Vanderpump has certainly come to know her way around a bar.

Now, she's ready to share her secrets on E!'s brand new series, Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum is inviting viewers inside her famed estate Villa Rosa where she'll not only entertain celebrity guests with delicious feasts and games such as Rosé Pong, but also, a stiff cocktail or two (or three, or four). 

There's no telling what exactly Lisa has in store for her many famous friends, but she did play a fun game with E! ahead of the show's upcoming premiere on Thursday, March 18. Watch her dream up custom, LOL-worthy cocktails named after Andy Cohen, Lady Gaga and more stars in the above clip!

Up first? The Vanderpump Rules star herself. 

"If I was a cocktail, it would probably be called 'Sex on the Beach,'" Lisa cheekily says into the camera. "But then you could only have it twice a year—Christmas and birthdays—right?"

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To get to the bottom of that, we'd have to ask Lisa's husband of nearly 40 years, Ken Todd. She assigns him the classic "Hot Toddy." 

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"Well, he's from Mississippi," Lisa says. "So I think he'd be a 'Missy Sissy Sipper.'"

When it comes to Lisa's pick for Andy, it's safe to say she drew inspiration from the "Harvey Wallbanger."

Why? Hear Lisa's answer for yourself: "If Andy Cohen was a cocktail, he'd be an 'Andy Ballbanger.'"

"Did I just get fired?" she quickly adds, laughing.

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Hopefully not, because we would like to see these drinks come to life—especially Lady Gaga's "Spicy Gagarita." 

Lisa's excitement, on the other hand, lies elsewhere. 

"My favorite cocktail, the slippery nipple," she begins, "would definitely go to Janet Jackson."

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Watch the complete cocktail game in the above clip!

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