Married to Medicine Sneak Peek Reveals Where Dr. Jackie & Dr. Simone Stand

Bravo's Married to Medicine is back this Sunday, March 7! Watch an exclusive sneak peek to see where Dr. Jackie Walters and Dr. Simone Whitmore stand after the dramatic season seven reunion.

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A Married to Medicine friendship could be on the mend.

The Bravo series returns this Sunday, March 7, and fans are surely eager to learn whether or not Dr. Jackie Walters and Dr. Simone Whitmore are back to being best friends following the tumultuous season seven reunion. Was there an even bigger fallout after the cameras turned off? Was Dr. Jackie's close friendship with Dr. Heavenly Kimes just too much for Dr. Simone? The questions are endless. 

Luckily, E! has an exclusive sneak peek that provides some answers.

In the below clip from the season eight premiere, Dr. Simone can be seen talking to Toya Bush-Harris about the unfortunate situation.  

"I wasn't really angry with Jackie—hurt, disappointed—but I was never really angry," she says. "I wasn't mad. I was hurt. Jackie was always the middle man in all of my problems with Heavenly. Last year she chose to stay out of it."

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At this point, we get a flashback of some of what went down. Even Andy Cohen was confused by the pair's strained relationship!

"I'm a grown-ass woman," Dr. Simone says after the flashback. "I'm not running after another woman."

She doubles down in a confessional, explaining that her relationship with her former friend has simply "changed." 

"I'm an adult who adjusts to changes," Dr. Simone adds. 

Toya pushes back, arguing, "I want a friend that's gonna fight for me."

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In her own confessional, Toya breaks down the situation as she sees it. 

"My girl Simone, let's be clear, she talks a good game," the Detroit native tells the Married to Medicine cameras. "The girl is in pain. And Heavenly is the problem."

Heavenly, however, is more than willing to help mend Drs. Simone and Jackie's friendship.

"If I was a part of that, I need to fix it with Simone so that Jackie and Simone can continue their friendship," she says. 

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Will it actually happen? TBD!

Season eight of Married to Medicine premieres this Sunday, March 7 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Binge past seasons on Peacock.

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