Meet the Seashell From The Masked Singer Season 5

Get a first look at one of the costumes from season five of The Masked Singer! The Seashell is a beautiful human-shaped pile of seashells, and she must be seen to be believed.

By Lauren Piester Mar 04, 2021 9:21 PMTags
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The Masked Singer is at it again in season five. 

Of course, by "at it," we mean "giving us new fears in the form of elaborate costumes." Earlier this week, we got to meet the Russian Dolls. This time, they're ruining seashells. E! News can exclusively reveal the season five contestant known as The Seashell. She is basically a pile of seashells in the shape of a person, and yes, we will admit she is beautiful. But she is also terrifying.

Something about her small lips, or her one spiral that might be an eye, or the little arrangement of starfish and shells over where her crotch might be is just giving us the idea that we should be scared of this sea goddess. Can she sing? We have no idea, but with the power of the ocean behind her, she can probably do anything she wants. 

If nothing else, maybe she sells her seashells by the seashore, and they're probably quite expensive. 

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Get a good look at her below! Please take note of her shoes. How does she walk in those? Can she walk at all? 


Season five is bringing a few changes to the franchise in the form of guest host Niecy Nash (while regular host Nick Cannon was recovering from COVID-19) and a wildcard round that's bound to shake things up. While 10 masked celebs will compete as usual in two groups of five, other famous and masked intruders could show up at any time to try to compete. 

Sounds like absolute chaos, but The Masked Singer without a little bit of fever dreamy madness is not a show we care to watch. 

The Masked Singer returns for season five Wednesday, March 10 on Fox.

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