Aaron Rodgers Says His "Next Great Challenge" Will Be Becoming a Dad After Shailene Woodley Engagement

On Instagram Live Aaron Rodgers detailed his plans for the future with Shailene Woodley, revealing he's "dreamt" about fatherhood for some time.

By Cydney Contreras Mar 04, 2021 9:24 PMTags

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage—right? Well, so far, that seems to be Aaron Rodgers' plan for the future.

This year, the Green Bay Packers quarterback checked falling in love off of his to-do list when he met Little Big Lies actress Shailene Woodley. Next, he intends to tackle saying "I do," as he recently popped the question to the star.

After that, Aaron says he wants to start a family, revealing in a recent Instagram Live with Zenith Watches that his "next great challenge will be being a father."

"I'm in that age group where a lot of my close friends from high school and college are fathers now and have families of their own," the 37-year-old NFL player shares. "It's maybe not in the immediate future but definitely something that I really look forward to."

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He continues, "I've done a pretty good job at taking care of myself for the last 37 years and look forward to taking care of another life at some point too. I just think it's going to be so fun."

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Like most people, Aaron says he's "dreamt about" fatherhood, but is hesitant to rush the process. He simply says, "I'm really excited about that chapter whenever that comes."

After all, there's no need to turn the page so quickly, especially when Aaron says he's "been enjoying" his engagement to Shailene. The footballer reflects, "Obviously that's the best thing that's happened to me in the last year, there's been a lot of good."

Shailene is equally enamored with the athlete, who she is pleasantly surprised to have fallen in love with. In an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the actress joked, "He's, first off, just a wonderful, incredible human being. But I never thought I'd be engaged with somebody who threw balls for a living. Like, I never thought as a little girl, I was like, 'Yeah, when I grow up, I'm gonna marry someone who throws balls! Yeah!' But he's really just so good at it."

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The 29-year-old actress added that she hasn't really seen him in action because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but that hardly matters to her. 

A source previously told E! News the actress and athlete "had a very intense connection from the beginning."

"They both knew early on that it was something special and different from what they had experienced in other relationships," the insider added.

However, it must be mentioned that Jodie Foster did not actually play matchmaker for the couple, despite Aaron thanking her in his engagement announcement. According to the actress, she has never met Aaron, saying in a press conference at the Golden Globes, "But it is possible that I do like to talk about how much I love the Green Bay Packers, and sometimes I can talk a little bit too much about that. So, of course, Shailene is very aware of my enthusiasm for the team."