How Rita Ora Was Literally Floored by Meeting Madonna

During a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, Rita Ora recalled meeting Madonna for the first time and having to literally kneel on the floor.

By Mona Thomas Mar 03, 2021 1:11 PMTags
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Even celebs get starstruck from time to time.

During an interview with The Tonight Show, Rita Ora shared her experience meeting Madonna for the first time, which she called "very awkward, but also very unbelievable."

"She really just made me find my light," the "Girls" singer told host Jimmy Fallon. "And doing that, we had to kneel on the floor. And I thought it was ‘Like A Prayer' in real life that was happening to me."

If you're confused, not to fret—Ora offered a bit more context. As she recalled, "I had to go and breathe in the bathroom before I actually did meet her. I mean, this was earlier in my career. And I was doing a campaign for her, a clothing line… then she, you know, came to meet me, and I loved it and I just couldn't breathe."

The 30-year-old star remembered the iconic singer exclaiming, "'This is not my light! Let's get down!'" and a confused Rita did what she was told without hesitation.

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"I said, ‘Whatever she says,'" Ora noted, "'we're going to do.'" Fallon was in agreement. "I mean, well, she's Madonna," he added. "She's the one and only, man."

The singer also discussed her new EP, Bang, which she called "a product of isolation" as she created it while being self-quarantined during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"I wanted to do a project that felt like there was no pressure, that a bunch of my mates really can just jump on, get together," she explained. "We did it, actually, all virtually, like this, a bit like this interview."

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