Bachelor Nation Stars Weigh In on Taylor Nolan's Past Controversial Tweets

After former Bachelor contestant Taylor Nolan addressed her controversial past tweets, fellow members of Bachelor Nation publicly weighed in on her years-old comments and her new apology.

By Samantha Schnurr Mar 01, 2021 9:53 PMTags
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Taylor Nolan has issued an apology and now Bachelor Nation is speaking up. 

On Sunday, Feb. 28, Nolan, a former contestant on the 21st season of The Bachelor and fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise, issued an apology after coming under fire for controversial past tweets she posted as a teenager that were recently unearthed. "My tweets from ten years ago are sh--ty, they suck, they were wrong, and are hurtful," she wrote in part of an Instagram post, which also included a video statement. "To my fellow BIPOC community and the other folks who I harmed in those tweets, I see you, I hope you see me, we are in this together and I'm sorry I didn't always stand with you. I'm sorry I centered my whiteness and the whiteness around me. I'm sorry I wasn't better then, but I am here now and will always be."

Amid backlash toward Nolan, who is biracial, with a white mother and African-American father, fellow members of Bachelor Nation have spoken up about the controversy. "Taking time out of my sunday social media break to post this because I think a lot of other bach nation people will be scared to say something and this needs to be called out," Bekah Martinez, a former Bachelor contestant on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season, wrote on her Instagram Story on Sunday. "@taymocha as someone who consistently calls out other people's apologies, I expect far better than this bulls--t that consistently centers yourself, and is insanely self-congratulatory and snarky. humble yourself and call it what it is, the things you said went far beyond centering whiteness...They centered bigotry and hatefulness."

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"There is so much disgusting dark things in those tweets," Martinez continued. "Be honest. If this was an integral part of your journey, why did it take until now (being called out publicly) to acknowledge it? You are not above scrutiny for past actions anymore than anyone else. Come at me all you want but I will not back down. What you did was wrong and this written response is horrible."

Onyeka Ehie, who previously appeared on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, also took issue with Nolan's past tweets and her apology. "There is no double standard in my eyes and @taymocha should be held accountable for her actions. I'm sorry to everyone that felt hurt by her words," Ehie tweeted. "Idk who taught @taymocha how to make a decent apology but they failed miserably. I'm absolutely horrified right now and I keep seeing new comments come to light. Y'all I seriously feel sick reading this s--t."

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Former Bachelor contestant Katrina Badowski, who vied for Peter Weber's heart, unfollowed Nolan as a result of her apology. "Taylor Nolan is someone I have looked to for valuable insight and even inspiration. I have read all of her previous tweets. While I believe people can change and shouldn't be defined by their past, her reactions today have led me to believe I can no longer trust her. Her defensive, gaslighting demonstrations of an 'apology' are disappointing and shed light on her entire character," Badowski accused. "She chose to center herself, and learning this, I now see her with a new lense [sic]. While she has made positive impacts recently, learning new information about her (not from 2012 but from her choices TODAY) I have unfollowed her and will continue to follow more reputable and credible experts in the topics she discussed." 

While Olivia Caridi, a contestant on the 20th season of The Bachelor, has not commented on Nolan's apology, she called for her to condemn the comments she made all those years ago. "I'm in shock. Taylor is a friend, but regardless, must be held accountable. Accountability applies to friends and family, too. To see such racist and hateful language toward communities that I love and value is unacceptable," Caridi tweeted. "I am so horrified and utterly disappointed as I read Taylor's tweets. I don't stand for racism, homophobia, fatphobia, or hatred in any sense. Accountability applies to all - and I need her to denounce this language and fast."

She clarified, "I do not mean that I need Taylor to do anything FOR me. I meant that I need her to address this for those in the communities she directly affected by her comments - those who I love and value."

Vanessa Grimaldi, who was a contestant with Taylor during Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, took to Instagram to share that Taylor's past tweets have been "weighing on" her.

"I needed a day to breathe and write something from the heart that wasn't reactive, because I was in disbelief. I have spoken with her in private and would like to share my thoughts here with you as well," she wrote. "Taylor often speaks about holding people accountable to the highest of standards for their words and acts and hatred towards marginalized communities. As someone who has gotten to know her well throughout the years, it is my responsibility to hold her accountable to the same standards she expects from others, as well as myself."

"I am disturbed, upset, hurt, disappointed and saddened by the things she said. I did not know of these tweets until they were brought to light yesterday," she added. "I do think they need to be deleted. They are triggering, dangerous and harmful. I am in shock."

Vanessa noted that Taylor's past tweets about people with disabilities, especially struck a chord with her since she works in special education and has a non-profit organization dedicated to the community. "I am heartbroken and blindsided," she shared. "It is clear that many of us need to continue to learn and grow (myself included). My hope is that Taylor understands that like her, people have also made mistakes and deserve the chance to grow and learn."

Danielle Maltby, who was also a contestant on Nick's season, spoke out about Taylor's resurfaced posts. "I am so thoroughly appalled and sick over the tweets I've seen, some as recent as 2014" she shared on Instagram. "Taylor is someone I befriended on The Bachelor and care a great deal about even though the years since the show have brought distance. I have always tried to support her."

She added, "I do not support and fully condemn her language and tweets. I am so thoroughly disturbed by all of them. I have been very angry the last 24 hours. I feel betrayed, like most of you who have looked up to her and learned from her."

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