Bryce Hall Sets the Record Straight on Addison Rae Split Rumors

Bryce Hall took to Twitter to address the rising rumors of his and Addison Rae’s suspected breakup.

By Mona Thomas Mar 01, 2021 8:20 PMTags
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Bryce Hall is keeping his answers about Addison short and sweet.

The 21-year-old TikTok star took to Twitter on Monday, March 1 to confirm his relationship status with girlfriend Addison Rae, 20.

"I didn't cheat on addison," he tweeted, and of course fans of the stars didn't hesitate to show their support and denounce the circulating splitsville rumors.

"Bryce only the real ones know you didn't," wrote one Twitter user, "and if people don't want to believe and just go and assume something just know your real supporters got you." Another fan added, "People need 3 stop spreading fake rumors."

Bryce also spoke with YouTuber Kevin Wong on Feb. 28 and confirmed that he and the fellow TikTok star are still together. 

"Everything's fine," he said. "I don't know why everybody overreacts, but until we do our own thing or say anything—I don't know, I feel like everyone's overreacting about stupid s--t."

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A friend who was with Bryce at the time jumped in adding, "I think you were trying to say everything's fine until you say it's not fine." To which Bryce agreed, "Yeah, that's what I was looking for."

For added believability, Bryce noted that he and Addison would be shooting a video sometime today.

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Anyone confused on how the rumor even started? According to a fan, the breakup buzz began when Addison was on a recent Zoom call and said she and Bryce were in a "petty fight."

"Bc she said they got in a petty fight on her zoom but literally said I can't stay mad at him bc I love him and miss him!!" the Twitter user explained. "The kids think a fight means a break-up."

The pair announced their relationship was back on good terms—after a brief break—back in November.