Golden Globes 2021: The Best Reactions to Jared Leto's Larger-Than-Life Flower Broach

The internet is obsessed with the meme-worthy flower broach Jared Leto wore at the 2021 Golden Globes. See the best reactions below!

By Allison Crist Mar 01, 2021 3:21 AMTags

Awards shows produce the best memes, and the 2021 Golden Globes have been no exception. 

In fact, one was born before the 78th annual ceremony even got underway, all thanks to Jared Leto's giant broach.

This wasn't your average broach, either—fastened to the shoulder of the 49-year-old actor's light brown suit was a large plastic yellow flower. It's unclear whether the accessory was a boutonniere of sorts, but regardless, viewers of NBC's Golden Globes Pre-Show couldn't take their eyes off of it.

As a result, Leto's flower soon became the subject of dozens of social media posts. Some were declaring their love of the look, while others have been busy making memes comparing the broach to everything from those squirting flowers used in pranks to the ribbon Phoebe on Friends uses to cover up a hummus stain. 

See those tweets and more below, as we've rounded up all of the best reactions and memes. 

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