Nina Parker Details Designing Her Own Stunning 2021 Golden Globes Dress

The E! host reveals the inspiration behind her stunning black gown and how involved she was in designing the look.

By Brett Malec Mar 01, 2021 12:20 AMTags

Nina Parker is a vision at the 2021 Golden Globes and it's all because of her spot-on style sense!

The E! host is revealing exclusive details about designing her own custom red carpet look for today's Globes red carpet. The Nightly Pop co-host has been vocal in the past about having trouble finding perfect gowns for her body type, so she's taken things into her own hands and the results are absolutely stunning.

Nina wowed during Sunday's Live From E! coverage in a black dress featuring sheer sleeves and dazzling bejeweled fringe cascading down her skirt. Nina completed her look with a breathtaking diamond necklace.

Read on for our exclusive Q&A with Nina to get all the behind-the-scenes scoop on the inspiration for her Globes dress, how involved she was in designing it and why she plans on creating her own red carpet looks for award season from now on.

E! NEWS: Tell us about the designing process behind your Golden Globes dress and how involved you were.
NP: I was heavily involved. I had an initial idea of what I wanted and then I worked with my stylist and my dress designer to come up with all of the intricate details of the dress, and the material we wanted. I wanted a true classic Hollywood look with a modern twist.

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E!: What's the inspiration behind the design and what style, color and fabric did you gravitate toward and why?
NP: I really thought about Josephine Baker mixed with a little Marilyn Monroe. Those were the two ideas I had in my head at inception. I knew I wanted to incorporate a classic look with diamonds, and elevate it with a little fringe. 


E!: How many fittings did you do? 
NP: Three.

E!: What's most important to you when it comes to a red carpet dress or look?
NP: That honestly changes depending upon the show...You know Oscars is obviously completely formal but with the Grammys you can be a little bit more funky. While I feel like the Emmys or PCAs is something where you can literally be as casual as you want to be or as upgraded as you'd like...It just really truly depends on the show and my mood at the time.

E!: Is it nice to have more control in designing your own look as opposed to shopping other labels' designs?
NP: I really do love the freedom of basically being able to do whatever I want do with an idea for a dress, but it's just disheartening that it had to come to this method because there was just not a plethora of options out there. They do exist in much smaller numbers, but unfortunately just not in the capacity I need. Especially with a quick turnaround.

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E!: You've been open about having trouble finding red carpet looks that fit your body, has it gotten any easier lately? What progress still needs to be made in the fashion industry?
NP: I was watching a red carpet special the other day about major designers like Dior, Gucci and Chanel and I was watching the show and all of the models were obviously extremely small, and you know it just felt so exclusionary in so many different ways. I just feel like there should be nothing that exists that doesn't include women of all shapes and sizes...It's actually ridiculous if you think about it. It just seems so outdated, and I look forward to seeing new brands emerge and expand that create completely different and new boundaries.

E!: Do you think you'll stick to designing your own red carpet looks going forward? If so, why?
NP: Absolutely. I will continue to create my own looks until I feel like what I want exists in the marketplace.

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