Tom Holland Reveals the Advice Zendaya Gave Him After Being a "D--k" to Fans

During a recent interview, Tom Holland shared how Zendaya gave him a few pointers on being nice to fans in public. Keep scrolling for the actor-on-actor moment.

By Mona Thomas Feb 26, 2021 8:23 PMTags
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Zendaya is a pro at the Hollywood thing, so of course she has a few tips up her sleeve.

During a recent interview with British GQ, which was published Feb. 26, her Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Tom Holland, 24, shared how the Disney alum, 24, gave him wise knowledge on how to deal with certain interactions while famous.

"Talking to Zendaya's helped me a lot, actually," the Cherry star explained. "I used to come across sometimes as a bit of a d--k to fans, mainly as I was always so surprised that they'd want a picture with me or signature or whatever."

He explained, "I'd have the typical Londoner reaction, one of instant suspicion: ‘Why are you talking to me?' Zendaya spotted this and quickly told me that this sort of reaction was going to be more aggro than just smiling and taking the picture. She totally changed the way I am able to be more comfortable in public."

Tom also discussed his future in the Marvel Universe and if Spider-Man 3—the film's title is still unconfirmed—will be his final movie.

Stars at Spider-Man: Homecoming Premiere

"I hope not, but I don't have another contract – yet," the actor confessed. "As I was cast as Spider-Man six years ago, I have always had the contract there as a safety net. I would never need to worry as, next year, I always had another Spider-Man film - but not any more. I'm just looking at my phone waiting for it to ring with a new contract."

Robert Marquardt/Getty Images for Sony Pictures

And just if it wasn't clear, Tom would "one hundred percent" say yes to another film if the phone does ring. "We'd need to keep the same core team," he noted. "The director, Jon Watts, is as much Spider-Man as I am. Zendaya, Jacob [Batalon]."

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