See How Hunter March's FaceTime Date With a Fan Went on Nightly Pop

By Allison Crist Feb 26, 2021 5:15 PMTags

Love is in the air!

Last week, Nightly Pop's Nina Parker revealed that her co-host Hunter March has been "feeling extra lonely" lately. Determined to change that, she made a plea to the show's fans: Submit a video about what makes you a good match for Hunter, and you may get the opportunity to go on a FaceTime date with him.

Nina fielded all of the entries, and on Thursday, Feb. 25's Nightly Pop, those at home watched as Hunter (virtually) wined and dined Esin, the woman chosen by his co-host.

"It went really well," Hunter reported. "She's very, very sweet."

She's also astrologically compatible with him, something he joked "is an important part of an L.A.-based date."

Throughout the FaceTime, the two continued to chat about their respective signs, and after Esin snuck a peach innuendo into the conversation, Hunter dropped a bombshell: "I want to meet the parents!" 

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Esin's mom wound up making an appearance, and Hunter didn't hesitate to ask for her thoughts on him and Esin making "a cute couple."

"Why not?" she responded. 


The date eventually came to an end, and after watching a few highlights, Nina said she was glad that Hunter was "a gentleman."

His response? "They cut off the part where we took off our clothes."

Hunter didn't reveal whether or not he and Esin were due for a second date, but when Nina explained that she did some extra digging into their astrological compatibility, she found that the pair is "a great match for love and make-up sex."

"Great, so I just gotta break her heart!" Hunter responded.

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Perhaps after hearing that, Esin will take Nina's advice and run far away.

Watch the date for yourself in the above clip!

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