Watch Julia Garner & Giuliana Rancic Fangirl Over Each Other While Chatting Ozark Secrets

During E!'s 2021 Golden Globes red carpet show, the Ozark star and E! host couldn't hide their love for each other. See the sweet moment!

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Julia and Giuliana!

There was some major love shared between Julia Garner and Giuliana Rancic during E!'s red carpet interview at the 2021 Golden Globes today, Feb. 28, and we can't get over the cuteness.

"Julia, you are so talented," Rancic gushed before probing Garner about her Golden Globe-nominated performance in Ozark. "We love you as Ruth. What do you love most about playing her?"

"The thing that I love about Ruth is how, and this might sound weird, how hopeful she is in a way," Garner revealed exclusively to E!. "You know, she's that type of person that it might not seem like she doesn't care but really deep down she really cares the most. She gets up in the morning, she goes to work and she just keeps going because she has this hopefulness about her that just makes her really endearing. But at the same time I also love how impulsive she is. But I also hate how impulsive she is. So the thing that I love is also the thing that I hate."

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Rancic, a self-admitted "huge Ozark fan," then tried to get Garner to spill secrets about her hit TV series.

"I'm not going to ask what can we expect because I know you can't say that so how about this—I thought about this last night," Rancic said. "On a scale of 1 to 10 how surprised were you in the direction Ruth goes int he final season? In the current season."


"Very surprised. A 9 or a 10," Garner revealed. "It's going to be a lot. That's all I'm saying."

That's when the fangirling hit an adorable high as Rancic shared, "Julia, I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching you. You're so talented. And I love watching you as Ruth but I also love watching you in interviews and you just seem like such a joy. I hope next time we can be in person."

"I feel like it's very fun too because I feel like I've been watching you my whole life," Garner gushed. "Like when I was little watching award shows on the TV you were always there so this is very special to me. So thank you!"

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"Thank means a lot to me!" Rancic replied.

As the interview ended, a visibly giggly Rancic smiled, "Oh my god, best friend!"

Rancic's Live From E! guest co-host Karamo reacted, "I love that I got to see this relationship forming just now. It's really beautiful."

Check out the sweet moment above.

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