We All Just Wanna Know If Joshua Jackson Will Be on The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

The cast and creators of Disney+'s upcoming Mighty Ducks series gathered virtually for a TCA panel to preview the new series and tease a few possible cameos.

By Lauren Piester Feb 25, 2021 1:11 AMTags
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Obviously, we are thrilled about Disney+'s new Mighty Ducks series starring Lauren Graham

We love the Mighty Ducks, we love Lauren Graham, and so we love anything combining those two things. We also love the fact that Emilio Estevez is set to return as Coach Bombay, and we understand that this show is set many years after D3, which came out in 1996. But that doesn't mean we're not still sitting here wondering where the rest of the Ducks are, like star player Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson). 

The cast and creative team from the new series gathered for a virtual TV Critics Association panel on Wednesday and did their best to answer that question without actually answering it. 

When asked if there were discussions about bringing back other Mighty Ducks stars aside from Estevez (without mentioning Jackson specifically), executive producer (and original Mighty Ducks screenwriter) Steven Brill said they had not just talked about it, but they had "executed certain aspects of that question." 

He also said that while the show is doing its best to reinvent and tell its own story, it's not ignoring the past. 

"We've always been trying, throughout the whole series, to bring people literally, emotionally and suggestively back into the story," he said. "So it should be fun." 

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Another reporter asked specifically about Jackson, and Brill certainly did not deny the possibility. 

"We've talked to Josh over the years in developing this and he's part of the family and part of the group and him and everyone else, when and where they show up is an open, exciting question," he said. 

The Mighty Ducks movies also starred Margeurite Moreau, Elden Henson, Vincent Larusso, Matt Doherty and more. Kenan Thompson also joined the franchise in 1994's D2


In the movies, the Ducks grew to be a powerhouse team with help from coach Gordon Bombay. Now, in the series, they're the biggest team around. Graham plays a mom named Alex whose son gets cut from the Ducks, so she starts her own hockey team. You can watch the trailer below! 

The series premieres March 26 on Disney+.