Scott Porter Reveals Whether Friday Night Lights Fans Can Expect a Cast Reunion in 2021

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Scott Porter addressed Friday Night Lights reunion plans following the series finale's 10th anniversary.

By Alyssa Ray Feb 26, 2021 4:00 PMTags
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Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

It's been almost 15 years since Friday Night Lights first left us feeling inspired on NBC. Not to mention, this month marked the 10-year anniversary of the sports drama's series finale. So, of course, during an exclusive chat with Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter, we asked if fans could expect a cast reunion in the near future—and his answer may surprise you.

"We did a pilot re-watch, as a portion of the cast, to raise some money early on to get the proper PPE and medications really out there to people in need," Porter exclusively shared with E! News. "And I think that's the most you're gonna see us together, I think for the near future."

Per Porter, who played injured star quarterback Jason Street, it's unlikely that they'd be able to top the show's original run. "I can scarcely name a better finale and I can scarcely name a better pilot," he continued. "And our fortune of being canceled twice on Friday Night Lights allowed the show going into its third season to be picked up and supported in a way by DirectTV and NBC both. And saying, 'We're gonna do three more 13-episode seasons and that's all we're gonna have.'"

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As Porter detailed it, this allowed for Friday Night Lights "to tell a full story." Still, the Ginny & Georgia actor admitted he'd "love to get back together just to chat it out."

"You know, it's something that I always like to go back to but, I was just texting with Matt Lauria last week, I was talking to Zach Gilford on the phone two weeks ago, I was talking to Jesse Plemons a month ago," he relayed. "They're still very present in my life. So, for us, I don't think there's a desire to have to do an event to get back together."

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Although, don't officially rule out a reunion as Porter noted that if they can "do some good with it" than "of course we'll do it."

Right now, the 41-year-old actor's main focus is his new Netflix dramedy, Ginny & Georgia, where he plays Mayor Paul Randolph. And, according to him, the new series is perfect for fans of his past work on Friday Night Lights and Hart of Dixie.

"For anybody who is a fan of George Tucker or anybody who is a fan of Jason Street, there's one thing all three of those guys have in common and that is their competitiveness," he concluded. "That's the one common thread of all the characters that I think I've played. And anybody who loved that or loved those two characters, I can promise you, they're gonna love Paul as well."

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