Cardi B's Video of Offset Painting Kulture's Nails Is Too Cute for Words

Cardi B took to her Instagram Story to showcase Offset painting their daughter Kulture’s fingernails with polish. Keep scrolling for the adorable father-daughter moment.

By Mona Thomas Feb 24, 2021 3:12 PMTags
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Offset is in ultimate daddy mode.

On Feb. 23, Cardi B turned the camera on her husband for her Instagram Story as he painted their 2-year-old daughter Kulture's tiny fingernails with pink polish.

She captioned the father-daughter video, "He be entertaining her shenanigans."

The "W.A.P." rapper confirmed in the clip, "You really be having her do whatever the hell she want." To which the Migos member replied, "She's my baby."

In the video, Offset moved slowly to get the nails painted just right as Kulture smiled watching him. "Pretty? Say pretty," he said as Kulture confirmed her nails were indeed pretty.

This isn't the first time Offset showed off his cosmetic skills when it comes to Kulture. In 2019, Cardi captured the "Clout" artist on her Instagram as he attempted to style the 1-year-old's hair.

In the super relatable parent moment, Kulture giggled at her dad's hair skills as Dora The Explorer played in the background. Cardi captioned the adorable post, "Well at least I did the ponytails."

Cardi B's Daughter Kulture's Cutest Moments

Cardi tends to spotlight their only daughter together on Instagram. Fans may recall in June when she made her way—pacifier and all— into a photo the married couple were attempting to take alone. "Guess who photobomb me and @offsetyrn picture?" the proud mom captioned the snapshot. "And she know she did it on purpose." 

The youngster's forte seems to be interrupting Cardi's mini photo shoots. Back in January, the child waddled her way into the room where Cardi was playing her sexy song "W.A.P." which she scrambled to turn off when she noticed her kid in the frame.

We need more of these hilarious moments on Kulture's personal Instagram ASAP!